RFK Jr ‘very attractive’ candidate for voters ‘FED UP’ of wokerati in US - ‘Dangerous for Biden’

RFK Jr ‘very attractive’ candidate for voters ‘FED UP’ of wokerati in US - ‘Dangerous for Biden’

RFK Jr is a 'very attractive' candidate for voters, says Michael Knowles

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 31/12/2023

- 13:13

Michael Knowles host joined Jacob Rees-Mogg on GB News America

Robert F Kennedy Jr has been backed as “very attractive” for voters who are growing disillusioned with the status quo in America, Michael Knowles has claimed.

The Daily Wire host joined Jacob Rees-Mogg on GB News America to assess the 2024 election candidates, with Biden and Trump widely expected to face off again.

RFK Jr, who is running as an independent, quit the fight for the Democratic nomination earlier this year.

According to new figures, around one in five voters would likely choose him, with an earlier November poll putting him as high as 36 per cent.

Robert F Kennedy Jr and Michael Knowles

Michael Knowles says things are looking promising for Robert F Kennedy Jr


Knowles believes this is symptomatic of a candidate who is earning favourability from both Democrats and Republicans.

“Some conservatives have liked him in recent years because he raised the alarm about some of the Covid lockdowns”, he said.

“He also spoke about some of the side effects of the vaccines which were downplayed in the United States.

“He remains a Liberal Democrat in virtually every way. He has a last name which is attractive to a lot of Democrats who believe the party has gone too far to the left.

“They think this woke stuff has gone too far and a candidate like Robert F Kennedy is very attractive.”

RFK Jr has attracted criticism for his supposed anti-vaccine stance, something he has later denied having at a Congressional committee.

Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden (right)Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden (right)GETTY

He has spoken out on appealing to a “silent majority”, which he says consists of both Democrats and Republicans.

With a manifesto promising tough measures on illegal immigration, some analysts believe he could do damage to Donald Trump’s campaign.

According to Knowles, the run is more likely to hurt Biden, which he says is “beared out” in the polls.

He added that another candidate could prove to be a headache for Biden in the long run.

“Cornell West, a former professor at Princeton, who is a radical leftist”, he said.

“The evidence shows he hurts Biden more than he hurts Trump with those two candidates in the race.

“Given the current state of the country, and given Trump’s enduring popularity, every time they indict him, he seems to go up three points in the polls.

“This is a very dangerous election for the Democrats.”

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