Trump's nomination could be 'stolen' by establishment conservatives, warns Steve Bannon

Trump's nomination could be 'stolen' by establishment conservatives, warns Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon warns establishment conservatives could steal the nomination from Trump

Steven Edginton

By Steven Edginton

Published: 27/05/2024

- 08:12

Steve Bannon told GB News that Nikki Haley supporters could attempt to prevent Trump from being the Republican candidate in the upcoming US election

Donald Trump’s nomination as Republican candidate for President could be stolen by establishment conservatives, a close Trump advisor has warned.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, Stephen Bannon said that supporters of Nikki Haley, a previous opponent of President Trump, could attempt to “steal the nomination from Trump”.

Bannon said: “As we speak here today, Nikki Haley is pointing out that she's been getting 15 to 18 per cent of the vote. They're going to go to the convention.”

“They think they have a plan like Cruz had in 2016 to actually try to steal the nomination from Trump at the convention which he should win overwhelmingly.”

Steve BannonSteve Bannon didn't hold backGB News

The former presidential advisor said another “more likely” scenario could be that they “cause enough commotion with their bloc to sit there and force her [Haley] on the ticket as vice president, of which then she'll figure I'll be prime minister.”

Bannon warned Haley would position herself as a “Dick Chaney to his [Trump’s] powerless, lame duck George Bush”.

“That's where the gunning, that's the conservatives. The conservatives have been a blight.”

“And the reason is they're conservatives, they only mouthed the principles of conservatism. They don't realise you also have to fight for those values.”

TrumpRepublican presidential candidate and former US President Donald Trump's team made the gaffeReuters

“If you think a second term was stolen in 2020, his first term was stolen. I was there every day. There were the Republicans [who said they] were not going to build [the wall].”

“This is Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, ‘We're not going to allocate any money for the wall’.”

Donald Trump is set to secure the Republican nomination for President in July at the GOP convention in Michigan.

Similarly President Biden is expected to become the Democratic candidate at their convention in Chicago in August.

Discussing failures in Trump’s first term as President, Bannon admitted that he has a “different house style than President Trump.

He said: “I want to get up in the grills and fight. President Trump being president of all the people said, hey, maybe we can work together. These things would be over time.”

“He now knows, and I think the revelation to him is that you can't work [that way].”

“It's not about being Republicans and Democrats. It's not about being Labor and Tory. Those are all handles from the politics of the 20th century.”

“You're either a nationalist and a sovereignist or you're a globalist. You're either elite globalist or you're a populist nationalist.”

“That's the breakdown in politics. I know he understands that.”

In his exclusive hour-long sit down with GB News America, Bannon also warned of a potential third world war and slammed the Conservative Party as Left-wing “liars”.

The former Trump advisor and current radio host said if Britain continued down its current path, “You're going to have a revolution, and that revolution is going to be a violent revolution.”

Bannon continued: “The lifestyle in London ain't too shabby, right? For the world's elites. Go to Belgravia, go to the West End of London.”

“But you look out to the countryside, in the industrial cities that have built, arguably in the 20th century, the greatest nation on earth, and a nation that did more for literacy and for spreading the wealth than any nation on earth.”

“And look at what the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those people have. They have nothing. It's outrageous.”

Bannon said if there is no “restructuring of the British economic system, not to socialism, but to more entrepreneurial capitalism away from what you have now” then there could be revolution.

He described the current system as “late stage finance capitalism in the City of London, late stage capitalism and now becoming techno feudalism”.

“Just like in the United States, we can't continue down this unsustainable path of just this federal spending to keep the system propped up.”

“It's got to end, or we're going to end up in a terrible situation.”

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