'Calm down folks!' Boris backs Trump's re-election bid as 'global wokerati trembles violently' at ex-President's return

'Calm down folks!' Boris backs Trump's re-election bid as 'global wokerati trembles violently' at ex-President's return

Boris Johnson appears at an antisemitism rally

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 20/01/2024

- 16:58

Updated: 22/01/2024

- 21:50

The 45th President looks set to storm the Grand Old Party's primary race after emerging victorious in Iowa

Boris Johnson has backed Donald Trump's 2024 White House bid as the 45th President's potential White House return leaves the "global wokerati trembling violently”.

The former Prime Minister, who served concurrently with Trump for 13 months, claimed the 77-year-old would continue to support Ukraine against Vladimir Putin's illegal invasion.

Johnson also voiced support for Trump's "willingness to use force" and “sheer unpredictability”.

Writing for The Daily Mail, the New York-born ex-Uxbridge & South Ruislip MP claimed Trump's potential return has caused a “shriek” from the “Western liberal intelligentsia” and produced a “sheer, gibbering funk”.

Donald Trump (left) and Donald Trump (right)

Donald Trump (left) and Donald Trump (right)


He said: "In the cocktail parties of Davos, I am told, the global wokerati have been trembling so violently that you could hear the ice tinkling in their negronis.

"In the senior common rooms of our ­universities, in the synod of the Church of England, in the Orwellian corridors of the BBC and among much of the UK establishment there has been a caterwauling orgy of nose-holding abhorrence."

Johnson, who previously condemned Trump as "completely wrong" for casting doubts about the 2020 US Presidential Election, wrote the piece just days after Trump stormed to victory in Iowa.

Republican rivals will hope to challenge Trump for the conservative crown in New Hampshire.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is leading the race for the Republican nominationREUTERS

However, opinion polls show Trump is the clear frontrunner to win the Republican Party primary for a third successive election.

Johnson added: "Reasonable people can see that Trump is not, actually, a would-be dictator, and they have come to resent what look like legalistic ruses to axe him as a candidate.

"The more ­frenzied the effort to cancel him, the stronger he becomes. The more bitterly his enemies wage lawfare against him, the more unstoppable he seems to be."

He concluded: "To all my high-minded anti-Trump friends I say, calm down, folks.

“The more you froth and fret, the more determined his ­supporters will be – and a Trump victory will continue to migrate from possibility to likelihood to nailed-on certainty.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson


"We all need to grow up and get used to the prospect. If he does the right thing and backs the Ukrainians – and I believe he will – a Trump presidency can be a big win for the world.”

Johnson, who has been lauded for his support for the ex-Soviet state, highlighted how Trump's administration handed Kyiv essential Javelin anti-tank weapons.

Trump has consistently claimed Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he was still in the White House and vowed to end the conflict in “one day” if re-elected.

The former President's comments appear to suggest he would be willing to let Russia permanently control some Ukrainian territory.

Despite handing Trump a boost from this side of the pond, the 45th President was somewhat scathing about Johnson during an interview with Nigel Farage on GB News.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is campaigning to be US President in 2024Reuters

Trump argued Johnson was forced out of power because he was “far left”, adding that the former Prime Minister “really went a little bit on the liberal side” by embracing environmentalist policies.

He claimed: “They were literally going far left. It never made sense. I’m saying this as an insider looking in, they were going far left.

"What were they doing? And now maybe Labour’s in the lead, maybe they’re not.

"I don’t know who’s in the lead. But I can tell you they were not Conservative policies in the end.”

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson leaving his London homePA

Recent opinion polls suggest Trump could emulate Grover Cleveland by becoming just the second Commander-in-Chief to serve two non-consecutive terms in the Oval Office.

JL Partners conducted an opinion poll last month handing the 77-year-old a four-point lead over Biden.

Such a result would likely help Trump flip Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin back into the Republican column.

It could even bring Nevada into play for a GOP nominee for the first time since 2004.

However, Trump is facing a number of legal challenges which could threaten to derail his campaign altogether.

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