‘The far-left is THE greatest threat to our democracy’ - MPs warn Britain is being changed forever by unelected activists

Palestine protest

Mass pro-Palestine marches have left some people afraid to go into central London

Keith Bays

By Keith Bays

Published: 24/03/2024

- 11:50

Updated: 25/03/2024

- 17:29

Extremists nobody voted for are setting the agenda and 'marginalising' the democratic process

A string of MPs have warned Britain is in the grip of a far-left surge which could severely undermine democracy and free speech.

Andrew Percy lashed out at far-left activists protesting on Britain’s streets who were holding signs that called for the ‘murder of Jews’.

The Conservative Party MP said that the far-left is ‘glorifying terrorist actions’, whilst the mainstream media provide ‘barely a word of commentary’.

He added that those ‘marching in support of violence’ were a ‘threat to our democracy’.


In recent months there have been numerous clashes between demonstrators and police at pro-Palestine marches across the country, the most recent of which attracted 250,000 people to the streets of London.

MPs and councillors have increasingly become the targets of intimidation by pro-Palestinian activists, with countless threats and verbal abuse.

Since the Israel-Hamas conflict started on October 7 last year, a greater number of elected officials have reported being subject to intimidation, with almost 40 MPs reporting that they have been targeted.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Percy said: “The far-left is, perhaps at this moment in time, a greater threat, and a more numerous threats to our democracy than other extremist groups.

“This threat isn't just from their casual support for violent 'intifada' and jihad on our streets, it continues into the online space and is seen in direct threats to elected representatives or intimidation of others in positions of authority.”

Pro-Palestinian protest in London

Sir Robert Buckland says the far-left is a 'clear danger' to our democratic society


It comes after Israeli Minister Amichai Chikli, described London as the most antisemitic city in the Western world, because of the combination of ‘Islamic extremists and the far-left’ working together.

Theresa Villiers MP, a member of the all-party group on Antisemitism, warned: “The alignment of radical left groups with hardline Islamists is deeply worrying.

“The scenes at recent protests when banners have been displayed which are antisemitic or glorify terrorism show this alliance is visible on our streets."

Villiers added: “This is making people afraid to visit central London. The media need to wake up to this serious problem.”

Separately, concerns have been raised about the role of the establishment media and how broadcasters and some newspapers are choosing not to report on the activities of far-left activists.

GB News has been subjected to a far-left advertising boycott since before it even launched with radical political activists pressuring big companies to avoid the channel.

Other major publications, including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Sun have also recently been targeted by similar groups.

Former Conservative Deputy Party Chairman, Brendan Clarke-Smith MP, said: “Whilst all forms of extremism are concerning, it does amaze me how the far-left are constantly let off the hook by so many sections of the media.”

Clarke-Smith added: “Most of the worst forms of violent protest and threats we have seen have come from far-left groups and they think nothing of shutting down the free speech of others or resorting to bullying to get their own way.”

Elsewhere, when asked if the levels of far-right extremism in Britain have increased, Conservative MP, Sir Robert Buckland, said: “Whilst there has been a rise in far-right activity, the strange coalescence of far-left and some Islamist elements presents a clear danger to our democratic society.”

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