Tory win would bring 'five more years of what you've already had', says Labour's Pat McFadden

Tory win would bring 'five more years of what you've already had', says Labour's Pat McFadden
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 23/05/2024

- 10:30

THE General Election is about change and whether people want “five more years of what you've already had”, according to Labour’s Pat McFadden.

The party’s National Campaign Coordinator told GB News: “I think we put forward a good programme for the country. We published six first steps last week on the economy, on the health service, on borders, on anti-social behaviour, on clean energy, and on education.

“We'll have other policies to announce during the course of the campaign. Keir is a great candidate to be Prime Minister. We are looking forward to fate in this election and making the case to the country which in the end boils down to one thing.

“Do you want to carry on with five more years of what you've already had? Or do people want to vote for change with the Labour Party. And that's the case that we're going to make.”

McFadden continued: “I think it was interesting because the Prime Minister had been making this case that he had a plan, that it was working, and the economy was turning round and so on.

“If he really believed in that case, then he would have felt that the public should see the fruits of that over the course of the summer.

“So I think the timing is really interesting because it suggests to me that he doesn't believe in the case that he was making, that things are turning around and are going to get better, because if he did believe in that, he'd want people to feel that over the next six months or so.

“If he's not got faith in the case that he's been making, then why on earth should the British public? So I think the timing is interesting, and it suggests to me weakness, not strength.”

He added: “We've got plenty to announce and plenty to campaign on and we are really looking forward to taking that case to the public, because we know there's a mood for change out there in the country.

“We want to make sure that when people look at the Labour Party, they look at a Labour Party that itself has changed and has got a good programme for the future of the country.”

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