‘Frustrated this yet again!’ Tory MP Greg Smith blasts Labour for Rwanda bill disruption

‘Frustrated this yet again!’ Tory MP Greg Smith blasts Labour for Rwanda bill disruption
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 18/04/2024

- 09:45

A Conservative MP has said the blame for the failure to stop migrant crossings in the Channel lies with the Labour Party for stopping Rwanda legislation from being passed.

Greg Smith, MP for Buckingham, told GB News,

“We’d have a bill, we'd have an Act, we'd have it through and be off to the King for Royal Assent if Labour hadn't whipped their members in the House of Lords to frustrate this yet again.

“And I can tell you that on the doorsteps in my constituency, on the doorsteps of nearby colleagues who I'm helping and supporting in this campaign, people want the boats stopped.

“And it's the Labour Party in the House of Lords that have frustrated this now in excess of 100 times. We can't trust Labour on this. This is the party that constantly signs the letters saying, don't deport the foreign national offenders.

“This is the party that goes through the voting lobbies in the Commons and the Lords to stop all the legislation we've passed to try and resolve this.

“I can tell you from the doorsteps, I can tell you when I did my summer surgery, the number of people who came up to see me: The absolute tip of their tongue - You've got to stop the boats. This is the thing we're looking at you to do.

“Now we've got the plan. Okay, it's taken a while - I have put my hands up and I accept that. But we've got a fresh bit of legislation that hopefully will resolve the problems we've had with the courts. The problems we've had, with all the activists trying to frustrate this policy.

“The real frustraters are the Labour Party, they're the lefties in the House of Lords, they're the lefties in the House of Commons who trooped through those voting lobbies to stop this from happening.”

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