Tobias Ellwood unleashes scathing attack on Boris and blasts ex-PM's behaviour as 'akin to mutiny'

Tobias Ellwood

Tobias Ellwood has unleashed a scathing attack on Boris Johnson during an appearance on GB News

GB News
Svar Nanan-Sen

By Svar Nanan-Sen

Published: 11/06/2023

- 10:39

Updated: 11/06/2023

- 15:49

Boris Johnson resigned as an MP with immediate effect on Friday

Tobias Ellwood has unleashed a scathing attack on Boris Johnson during an appearance on GB News' The Camilla Tominey Show.

The furious Conservative MP labelled the former Prime Minister's behaviour as 'akin to mutiny'.

Ellwood told GB News: "It is a grave moment for our party.

"Johnson has departed in his own style, kicking and screaming with so much drama, inflicting damage as he goes."

The Tory MP continued: "Johnson quit not only kicking the milk bottles on the way out but rallying other MPs to follow in order to inflict maximum damage to the party he claims to support."

He added: "His actions are akin to mutiny."

On Friday, Boris resigned as the MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip with immediate effect after receiving a letter from the privileges committee.

Johnson released a 1,000-word resignation statement stressing he was "bewildered and appalled" by the committee's drive to oust him from the House of Commons.

Two of Boris's allies within the Conservative Party, Nadine Dorries and Nigel Adams have also resigned in the last 48 hours.

The Conservative Party will now have to defend Dorries, Johnson and Adam's seats in by-elections.

Suffering any defeats in the by-elections would be another bruising blow for Sunak after the Tories' disastrous local election results in May 2023,

Boris also took a swipe at current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in his resignation statement.

He said: "When I left office last year the government was only a handful of points behind in the polls. That gap has now massively widened.

"Just a few years after winning the biggest majority in almost half a century, that majority is now clearly at risk.

"Our party needs urgently to recapture its sense of momentum and its belief in what this country can do.

"We need to show how we are making the most of Brexit and we need in the next months to be setting out a pro-growth and pro-investment agenda."

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