‘Adapt or die’: Suella Braverman issues stark warning to Tory wets over Reform UK: ‘Really terrifies me’

‘Adapt or die’: Suella Braverman issues stark warning to Tory wets over Reform UK: ‘Really terrifies me’

Suella Braverman tells Tory wets: 'Adapt or die'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 10/07/2024

- 16:14

Updated: 11/07/2024

- 08:40

The former Home Secretary said the party must 'acknowledge where they went wrong'

Suella Braverman has urged Tory MPs to “adapt or die” in the face of Reform UK’s insurgency during a GB News interview.

The former Home Secretary said the party must “acknowledge where they went wrong” after a chastening General Election defeat.

She said too many Tory MPs have gone along with “socially liberal” ideas, arguing they are not in compliance with the general sentiment of their core voters.

“We have been far too quick to drink the Kool Aid of some socially liberal policies that have led to incredibly damaging outcomes”, she said.

Suella Braverman

Suella Braverman hit out at Tory wets


“Whether it be children undergoing irreversible, life-changing and irreversible surgery in the name of gender reassignment or decolonising the curriculum and making out Britain is an evil, racist country.

“I tried to remove the unconscious bias training the Civil Service were undergoing. I was told that would put me on the wrong side of history.


“I wanted to remove materials promoting a wholly unhealthy myth. There are far too many ministers who sign up to that agenda. We need to change ourselves and I want people in our party to change their views and ideas and see from this painful experience that we must change and adapt or die.

“We have no God given entitlement to votes. Too many in my party think Reform are a fad and we can sit back and wait. I am not in that camp. This is a crisis for this party and if we don’t fundamentally change, we won’t have a chance of fixing it.”

Steve Edginton probed Braverman on the matter, insisting the MPs she is referring to are unlucky to shift their position as they have “thought these things for years”.

Questioned whether she would go about removing people with this mindset from the party were she to become leader, she doubled down on her intention to sway minds.

Steve Edginton

Steve Edginton spoke to Suella Braverman


“The leadership contest hasn’t really started yet and I haven’t announced I am standing”, she said.

“Whoever does lead the party will need to acknowledge that truth or we are doomed as a party.

“That really terrifies me.”

It was a historic defeat for the Conservatives who are now down to just 121 MPs.

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Nigel FarageNigel FaragePA

This was a loss of 251 seats after its vote collapsed and Labour achieved a landslide victory.

None of the party’s surviving MPs are yet to put their hat in the ring for the impending leadership race, with Rishi Sunak confirming he will remain in situ until a conclusion is reached.

Braverman is one of those tipped to run, along with Robert Jenrick, James Cleverly, Kemi Badenoch and Tom Tugendhat.

The pool of contenders has been reduced by the Tories’ disastrous showing, with Grant Shapps and Penny Mordaunt among those to have lost their seats.

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