'Don't see the point!' Labour MP lambasts 'weak' Rishi Sunak over 'bizarre' press conference

'Don't see the point!' Labour MP lambasts 'weak' Rishi Sunak over 'bizarre' press conference
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 18/01/2024

- 14:08

Updated: 18/01/2024

- 14:29

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock has taken aim at Rishi Sunak over his "bizarre" address to reporters.

The Prime Minister heralded his Rwanda bill being passed through the House of Commons by drawing in reporters for an unexpected press conference.

There, he called on the Lords to "do the right thing" and see the bill through its final stages.

Kinnock was not impressed by the display, saying it was a sign of a "weak" Prime Minister.

"The Prime Minister's performance in the press conference today was bizarre, struggling to see what the point in it was", he said.

"The Prime Minister is weak. He is leading a deeply divided party. We have seen shambolic, warring factions in the Conservative Party over the last few days."

The Prime Minister saw his legislation pass its third reading in the Commons on Wednesday night, after a would-be backbench revolt on his Rwanda Bill largely melted away.

Sunak on Thursday insisted his party is “completely united” in support of the policy, as he warned peers against blocking the “will of the people”.

At a press conference in Downing Street, he said: “It’s now time for the Lords to pass this Bill. This is an urgent national priority.

“The treaty with Rwanda is signed and the legislation which deems Rwanda a safe country has been passed unamended in our elected chamber.

“There is now only one question. Will the opposition in the appointed House of Lords try and frustrate the will of the people as expressed by the elected House? Or will they get on board and do the right thing?”

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