Speaker 'helped out Labour mates' by avoiding 'massive rebellion' says Lee Anderson

Speaker 'helped out Labour mates' by avoiding 'massive rebellion' says Lee Anderson
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 22/02/2024

- 07:21

Updated: 22/02/2024

- 07:42

Conservative MP Lee Anderson has said he believes the Speaker was ‘bullied and cajoled’ by Labour to avoid a rebellion by its MPs.

Mr Anderson, who has signed a motion of no confidence in Sir Lindsay Hoyle, said the Speaker’s actions ‘definitely helped out his Labour mates.’

Speaking on GB News, Lee Anderson said: “It's a sad day for British politics. We've seen something I never thought I'd see in the House of Commons.

“To be fair to the SNP who I probably disagree with on most things, it was their day to have their say and have their vote.

“But they were denied that by The Speaker changing the rules, and it led to these chaotic scenes.

“The only thing I and some of my colleagues can think of is that there was a rebellion coming up from probably up to a hundred Labour MPs and some of them front benchers as well. That would have been embarrassing for Sir Keir Starmer and it is my opinion that pressure has been put on the Speaker to change the normal process and allow Labour to take control of the debate.

“He has [helped out Labour]. Whether that was done on purpose or not, but he's definitely helped out his Labour mates because there would have been a massive rebellion in the House of Commons from the Labour Party. I’ve got the greatest respect for Sir Lindsay, I think he's been a great Speaker, but, I think he's let himself down.

“I think, personally, he's probably been bullied and cajoled into this, had too much pressure. And to be honest when he came back in the chamber for me, he looked like a broken man.”


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