Sadiq Khan told to RESIGN in furious back and forth as Ulez anger grows: 'Londoners deserve better!'

Ulez row erupts as Khan urged to quit over expansion conduct probe

Ulez row erupts as Khan urged to quit over expansion conduct probe

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 16/11/2023

- 15:01

Updated: 17/11/2023

- 09:24

London Mayor Sadiq Khan locked horns with Conservative challenger Susan Hall over Ulez, crime and nightlife

Sadiq Khan is facing calls to resign as London Mayor if an independent investigator upholds a number of complaints about statements he made during Ulez's consultation period.

Khan was accused of breaking City Hall’s code of conduct on multiple occasions when discussing the expansion of the carbon-cutting levy last year.

Susan Hall, who is challenging Khan as the Conservative candidate in the capital next May, mounted more pressure on London’s two-time Mayor just weeks after the monitoring officer Rory McKenna ordered an independent investigation into the allegations.

She told GB News: "If the investigation finds Sadiq Khan made false and dishonest statements to the London Assembly, he should resign. Londoners deserve a Mayor who will be open and honest with them, and I will deliver that next May."

WATCH NOW: Sadiq Khan is heckled in City Hall

Speaking at Mayor’s Question Time today, which was disrupted by a heckler, Hall also asked: “Do you think that a Mayor who knowingly makes false statements to this Assembly should face any kind of consequence?”

Khan replied: “I’m astonished, chair, at the question that is being asked because the member wasn’t aware, for example, about the cross-party motion in relation to road tax, she’s not aware about the role of the monitoring officer and the rules that exist.

“I’ll ask for my office to send her the rules in relation to the conduct that is required of all elected members of the Assembly so she is aware of the rules and procedures.”

Hall responded: "How kind, Mr Mayor. But I am aware that you’re under investigation for dishonesty over statements that you have made to the Assembly.”

She added: “If you’re found guilty, do you plan to resign?”

Susan Hall

Susan Hall


Addressing the complaints brought against him, Khan made clear his detractors were often members of the Conservative Party.

The former Tooting MP explained: “Of course, over the last seven years I’ve had members of the Cabinet making complaints about me, Members of Parliament making complaints about me and Members of the Assembly.

“The one thing they’ve got in common is they’re all Conservative. We will have to wait and see what the monitoring officer decides in relation to a complaint made by a Conservative Member of the Assembly.

“I think what is sensible for someone aspiring to be the Mayor of London is to allow due process to take its course.

“We’ve seen over the course of the last 50 minutes why the member is clearly unfit for the job of Mayor of London.”

A Ulez signThe Ulez was expanded on August 29REUTERS

Hall retorted: “This member looks forward to the job of being Mayor of London and then you’ll have far more time to write books and go to concerts and go to football matches.”

Tory Assembly Member Nick Rogers filed three complaints against Khan in January.

He claimed the Mayor made “false”, “dishonest” and “misleading” statements about Ulez at City Hall, a London Assembly Plenary meeting and at a People’s Question Time event in Redbridge.

The decision to investigate Rogers’ complaints does not imply any wrongdoing and no decision has yet been made.

A Ulez protestThe Ulez expansion has been met with protestsPA

Two previous complaints raised against Khan over the Elizabeth Line and the resignation of ex-Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick were not upheld.

Khan’s Ulez expansion, which was rolled out on August 29, proved controversial as many Londoners voiced opposition to the move.

There are particular concerns about whether the decision adversely impacts those on low-incomes and in the capital’s outer boroughs.

However, when asked by Hall to list his successes in City Hall, Khan stressed he was “immensely proud” at how his administration has tackled the climate crisis through measures such as Ulez.

Hall, who is vowing to scrap the levy if she is elected as Mayor in May, reiterated her opposition to the policy.

A Ulez protestorHundreds of drivers have protested the expansion of the Ulez sign PA

“Approximately £68million has been taken from many Londoners with your Ulez expansion,” she claimed.

“Most of the Londoners' hit will be on low incomes, so why do you think you should be punishing them in this way?”

Khan replied: “We can’t use make-believe figures. I don’t recognise that figure.”

The London Mayor has claimed Ulez will bring cleaner air to five million more people and stressed the significance of expanding the scrappage scheme.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “The expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will bring cleaner air to five million more people and will save lives and protect children’s lungs. The Mayor has always been clear that expanding the ULEZ was a difficult but necessary decision, and he listened closely to those with concerns. That’s why he expanded the scrappage scheme to ensure any Londoner affected is eligible to apply for thousands of pounds in help. The Mayor looks forward to the outcome of the Monitoring Officer’s investigation.”

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