Sadiq Khan hints at NEW eco-measures after praising Paris plans for SUV charge

Sadiq Khan hints at NEW eco-measures after praising Paris plans for SUV charge

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Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 03/02/2024

- 11:06

Updated: 03/02/2024

- 11:06

The London Mayor hailed the police as 'innovative'

Sadiq Khan praised a plan by the socialist mayor of Paris to impose higher parking charge for SUV owners as he admitted he could "steal" environment policies from other countries.

The London Mayor complemented France's Anne Hidalgo for a controversial net zero plan that would see SUV drivers pay higher charges for parking.

On Monday a referendum will be held in Paris on the policy.

Describing the plans as "innovative", Khan indicated his agreement with the policy.

\u200bSadiq KhanSadiq Khan said he will 'always examine policies around the globe'PA

He explained that the bigger cars "take up more space" and present "issues around carbon emissions and so forth".

Asked at an even on pollution if London could copy the French policy, the Labour politician said: "We always examine policies around the globe.

"I’m a firm believer in stealing good policies.

"Rather than inventing [new policies] badly, if other cities are doing stuff that works, we will copy them."

Anne Hidalgo

Paris' Anne Hidalgo wants to see SUV drivers pay higher charges for parking


\u200bSadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan said he is a 'firm believer in stealing good policies'


Following the event a spokesman for the London Mayor said there were “no plans” to introduce an SUV parking charge in London.

He added: “The Mayor was making the point that leaders across the world are exploring innovative ways of tackling air pollution and improving road safety, and the Mayor continues to monitor these.”

However, the comments have been seized upon by the Conservative mayoral candidate Susan Hall, who said Khan was participating in a "war on motorists that shows no sign of slowing".

She said: "For him, it’s all about the money.

"This highway robbery can only be stopped by showing this highway robber the door and voting him out of office on May 2."

Meanwhile, Conservative MP Greg Smith told The Telegraph: “As ever, this is a Labour Mayor dictating to citizens what they should and shouldn’t do.

"Back off and leave people be.”

Last year the London Mayor expanded the capital's Ultra Low Emissions Zone to cover all of the London boroughs. It was revealed in January that in the first six weeks alone of the expansion, £9million was raised in Ulez charges.

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