Rishi Sunak 'should not be doing a victory lap' over inflation drop, says Labour's James Murray

Rishi Sunak 'should not be doing a victory lap' over inflation drop, says Labour's James Murray
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 22/05/2024

- 14:29

THE Prime Minister should not be “doing a victory lap” over today’s reported fall in inflation, according to the Labour Party’s James Murray.

The Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury told GB News: “I think we'd all rather inflation was near the target rather than as high as it has been in recent years.

“The important thing is how do people feel, because that's actually what matters to people across the country, it’s not the Prime Minister doing a victory lap, popping the champagne corks, pointing at a figure or graph.

“It's about how people actually feel and the fact that the inflation rate has come down doesn't mean prices are going down, prices are still going up just less quickly, and people still feel the impact of all of the economic failure of obviously in the last 14 years and particularly the inflation we've had over the last few years really pushing up prices for people.

“One astonishing statistic I learned this morning is that if you compare the average household spend in supermarket shops in 2019, it’s now £1,000 pounds more. That is the impact of the Conservatives.”

In a debate during PMQs Live, Industry Minister Alan Mak said: “For the average worker, they are £900 better off this year. If you're a pensioner, you're better off by the same amount.

“So we're putting more people in a better position by putting more money in their pockets so that when they do go to the shops, the money goes further. It's not being taken away or eaten away by inflation.

“And that is the foundation of our economic policy getting people better off and that's what we'll be doing over the coming months.”

He added: “The reality is that things are getting better, inflation has come down, mortgage payments are going down, people feel better, more money's going into their pockets.

“The money they have got is going further and we've got to stick with the plan and finish the job. So inflation is 2.3%, we want to get 2%. Let's finish that job and stick with the plan.”

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