Richard Tice issues direct warning to Rishi Sunak as polls show Reform Party surge: 'Bring it on!'


Tice has a bold warning for the Prime Minister

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 01/12/2023

- 12:31

Updated: 01/12/2023

- 13:33

Reform UK has remained on double-digits as it maintains its lead over the Lib Dems in a new poll

Richard Tice has a powerful new message for Rishi Sunak as his Reform UK party continues to snatch Brexit-backing voters from the Conservatives, according to a new poll.

Reform UK has come out on top of the Lib Dems in a YouGov poll, with a one-point advantage against Ed Davey’s party, with the party standing at 10 percentage points.

As the party’s popularity rises, Tice, who is “delighted” with the results, had a bold message for the Prime Minister.

Speaking to GB News, Tice said: “My message to the PM is the country is sick of you, they’re sick of your party, bring it on! We’re looking forward to punishing you and ousting you.”

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Reform UK has rarely seen its support enter double-digits but leader Richard Tice is hoping to benefit from Sunak steering the Tories to the centre.

Tice said: “We are delighted, once again we are ahead of the Lib Dems. YouGov is obviously one of the most respected pollsters and this just reaffirms the huge progress that Reform UK is making.”

The politician and GB News presenter set his sights on increasing his party’s momentum even further before the New Year.

“I think people should be looking out for and not at all surprised if you see a 12 per cent poll before Christmas for reform.”


Reiterating his joy, Tice said: “We are delighted, these are the results of a lot of hard work. As more and more people hear about us, they like what they hear.”

Ahead of the upcoming Election, which Tice believes could be as early as May, GB News asked the politician what key seats his party will be targeting.

He said: “We obviously like all parties have seats dotted around, particularly in the red wall targeting Labour seats or newly held Tory seats.”

The poll conducted by YouGov surveyed 2,055 British adults between November 29 and 30.

The results show the Conservatives got 22 per cent of the vote (-3 from YouGov's previous survey on 22-23 November) to Labour's 45 per cent (+1).

Elsewhere, the Liberal Democrats have nine per cent of the vote (-1) and the Greens have 7 per cent (no change).

\u200bRichard Tice

Richard Tice has said he is 'delighted'


Naming areas they are targeting, Tice listed: “In big Brexit areas that feel like they’ve been betrayed, voters being betrayed by Labour and the Tories. Also coastal seats, ex-fishing communities and many people who frankly just feel like the two main parties are both forms of socialism.

“People want change, people feel that it’s time for reform,” he exclaimed.

The results come after a PeoplePolling survey conducted exclusively for GB News, revealed that 11 per cent of voters currently support the rebranded Brexit Party.

The opinion poll found that Conservative support has plummeted to as low as 19 per cent, with Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party extending its lead to a staggering 30 points.

Overall support for the Liberal Democrats stands at just nine per cent and the Green Party is registering around seven per cent.

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