‘You were warned years ago!’ Nick Gibb ripped apart for failing to name schools

‘You were warned years ago!’ Nick Gibb ripped apart for failing to name schools
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 01/09/2023

- 11:34

Minister of State for Schools, Nick Gibb, has been slammed for the delay in informing parents and children about schools affected by RAAC, a lightweight concrete used in schools, colleges and other building construction from the 1950s until the mid-1990s.

Appearing on GB News Breakfast with Stephen Dixon and Anne Diamond, Gibb was challenged on the 156 schools currently known to contain RAAC, and the Government’s efforts to address growing safety concerns.

Anne Diamond questioned Gibb, saying: “You may say that you've been very proactive just now over this RAAC, but people have been moaning and warning governments about the state of our crumbling schools for years. You must agree with that.

“I've done so many interviews with people who are worried about schools falling to bits, whether it's RAAC or not. Shouldn't something have been done about the state of our school buildings years ago?”

Nick Gibb spoke in defence of the Government, responding: “We're spending £15 billion since 2015 on maintaining and improving the school of state. We have a school rebuilding program of 500 schools, 400 of which are being rebuilt or plan to be rebuilt right now.

“Some of which by the way are schools that we know have RAAC and we know they have RAAC because of the work we have been doing since 2022 to identify where rack is in the school of state. So we do take these issues seriously.”

Watch GB News’ interview with Nick Gibb in full above.

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