‘We just can’t have that!’ Minister demands action as Speaker breaks precedent

‘We just can’t have that!’ Minister demands action as Speaker breaks precedent
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Published: 22/02/2024

- 09:26

HEALTH Minister Maria Caulfield has suggested that Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle may have to go if he caved into pressure from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer on Gaza, saying “we just can’t have that”.

She told GB News: “He rightly apologised last night, because the SNP only get three days, opposition day debates in their own right…they feel that there was a lot of pressure.

“The rumours are that Keir Starmer put pressure on the Speaker because he was worried that so many Labour MPs would vote against or go against the party whip and that we just can't have that.

“That’s right, that the Speaker apologised for the chaos on such an important issue as well, many constituents contacted me about that, we then didn't proceed to an actual vote.”

Asked if an apology was enough in a discussion during Breakfast with Ellie Costello and Stephen Dixon, she added: “There is concern about that.

“There’s what's called an EDM, that the SNP and some Conservative MPs have signed, the Leader of the House will be meeting with him today. She did make a point of order yesterday to raise concerns.

“She will be taking this up further because she wants to make sure that all MPs no matter their party have fair and equal say in House business.”

She added: “It's not a Government matter, it is for the House of Commons but there will be I'm sure questions asked today and we'll see what happens after discussions with party leaders and chief whips of the various parties as well.”

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