Labour's list of shame: Every disgraced MP who has been suspended or resigned

Sir Keir Starmer

Eleven Labour MPs have been forced out of the parliamentary party since 2019

Tom Harwood

By Tom Harwood

Published: 01/06/2023

- 13:43

Updated: 01/06/2023

- 13:45

Eleven Labour MPs have been forced out of the parliamentary party since 2019

One in every eighteen Labour MPs have been suspended or resigned in disgrace over the course of this Parliament.

Following this morning's suspension of Geraint Davies as a Labour MP, the total number of sitting MPs suspended by the party has reached seven.

That's on top of the two MPs elected as Labour who resigned their seats following allegations of sexual misconduct, and two further Labour MPs who were suspended and then recently reinstated over allegations of racism.

These suspensions, expulsions, and resignations total eleven MPs. The Labour Party won 201 seats in 2019, meaning that 5.5 per cent of its Parliamentary Party appears on this list.

Labour's Geraint Davies speaks after holding his Swansea West seat, at Brangwyn Hall in Swansea

Labour's Geraint Davies is the most recent to be suspended


Seven currently suspended:

Claudia Webbe – Whip suspended in September 2020 after Webbe was charged with harassment of a woman who was having an affair with her then-partner. The harassment allegedly included a threat to send naked photographs of the victim to her children, as well as Webbe saying “you should be acid”. Webbe was found guilty in October 2021, and the Labour Party has called for her to stand down.

Jeremy Corbyn – Membership of the Labour Party suspended after asserting that the scale of antisemitism within the party had been overstated for political reasons. Party membership was later restored after a formal disciplinary warning, however the party whip remains suspended.

Nick Brown – Whip suspended in September 2022 following an unspecified complaint. The party will not divulge the nature of the complaint and at the time of the suspension, Brown (who served as chief whip under five Labour leaders) claimed he did not know the nature of the complaint.

Christina Rees – Whip suspended in October 2022, following a complaint of bullying staff.

Conor McGinn - Whip suspended in December 2022 following an unspecified complaint. The party will not divulge the nature of the complaint. In a statement to the Guardian at the time of his suspension, the former Shadow Cabinet minister said "I strongly reject any suggestion of wrongdoing and I look forward to the matter being resolved quickly. I have not been told the details of the complaint but I am confident that it is entirely unfounded."

Diane Abbott – Whip suspended in April 2023 after appearing to compare racism against Jewish, Irish, and Traveller people to prejudice experienced by ginger people.

Geraint Davies – Whip suspended in June 2023 after what the Labour Party described as reports of “incredibly serious allegations of completely unacceptable behaviour”.

Two resigned in disgrace:

Mike Hill – Resigned his seat in the midst of an Independent Expert Panel investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. The panel later concluded Hill sexually assaulted, harassed and victimised a parliamentary worker.

Chris Matheson - Resigned his seat after an Independent Expert Panel investigation recommended he be suspended from Parliament for four weeks over allegations of "serious sexual misconduct" towards a junior member of staff. This length of suspension would have allowed a recall petition to be launched. Before constituents had the opportunity, Matheson resigned.

Two suspended and then reinstated:

Rupa Huq – Whip suspended in September 2022 following allegations of making racist comments about then Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. She said he was “superficially” a black man, adding “if you hear him on the Today Programme, you wouldn't know he is black”. The whip was restored in March 2023, after Huq completed anti-racism and bias training.

Neil Coyle – Whip suspended in February 2022 following allegations of racist remarks to a political reporter of British-Chinese origin. He was also banned from all bars on the Westminster estate. The whip was restored in May 2023, after Coyle demonstrated commitment to sobriety.

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