Kemi Badenoch 'is NOT the one to stop Reform!' Former Tory MP scolds 'disrespectful' party favourite

Kemi Badenoch 'is NOT the one to stop Reform!' Former Tory MP scolds 'disrespectful' party favourite

WATCH NOW: Andrea Jenkyns casts doubt over Kemi Badenoch leading the Conservatives

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 11/07/2024

- 08:11

Updated: 11/07/2024

- 08:18

Badenoch is the current favourite amongst Conservative MPs to lead the party

Former Conservative MP Dame Andrea Jenkyns has labelled Kemi Badenoch as the "party stooge" of the Tories, despite leading the polls among MPs to become Rishi Sunak's replacement.

However, the Tory leadership contest is turning nasty as the frontrunner claimed Suella Braverman is having a "very public nervous breakdown" in leaked comments from the shadow cabinet meeting.

Suella Braverman hit back on social media, responding to Badenoch's post on X: "I'd be interested in knowing whether Kemi thinks I am having a very public nervous breakdown."

Meanwhile, fresh polling of Tory members shows Badenoch has nearly double the support compared to Braverman, sitting at 31 per cent compared to the ex-Home Secretary at 16 per cent.

Nigel Farage, Dame Andrea Jenkyns, Kemi Badenoch

Dame Andrea Jenkyns says Kemi Badenoch is 'not the answer' to the Tories stopping Reform UK

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Speaking to GB News, Jenkyns claimed Badenoch is "not the answer to stopping Reform UK" and admitted she is "not her biggest fan" having previously worked with her.

Jenkyns said: "I think she's very bright, without a doubt. She's a nice enough person, but what you see isn't necessarily what you get.

"She's just a party stooge. She voted for all of Theresa May's deals, she voted for more net zero. And on the European Scrutiny Committee, which Sir Bill Cash chaired, she actually spoke to him in such a disrespectful way, and was schooling him."

When asked by Patrick if she believes Badenoch has the potential to "smack Tory heads together" and lead the party, given her stance on many "woke" issues, Jenkyns agreed she is "very good" on being "anti-woke", but would "be like Gove" in how she operates.

Suella Braverman tweet

Suella Braverman called out Kemi Badenoch on social media following the meeting leak


Telling GB News her two favourites to replace Rishi Sunak, Jenkyns highlighted that the Tories should go in the direction of "Priti or Suella".


Jenkyns told Patrick: "I think we'd better going in the direction of Priti or Suella. They're both Spartans like myself, and they're both fighters and they're both Thatcherite Conservatives.

"I think what we've seen over the last 18 months is that we need some red meat policies. Look how people went to Reform. I put the vote of no confidence in to Rishi Sunak, and I don't think the party had learnt its lesson. It's about time they learnt their lesson and listened to members."

Highlighting who she would not want to see as the next party leader, Jenkyns admitted that Tom Tugendhat is a "one nation Tory" and she "certainly doesn't want Victoria Atkins".

Jenkyns explained: "The fear at the moment is it's going to be decided by the remaining crop of Tory MPs. Tom is great, but again, is a One Nation Tory. Victoria Atkins, I don't like her whatsoever. She's just so damn rude and speaks down to people."

Andrea Jenkyns

Andrea Jenkyns says Kemi Badenoch is the 'party stooge' of the Conservatives

GB News

Offering advice to one of her favourites to take over, Suella Braverman, Jenkyns told GB News: " In all honesty, I want somebody who is authentic. My advice to Suella, she's got to remember the numbers. Look at the makeup of the party.

"Three quarters or more is the One Nation conservative, so she has got to reel it back if she's wanting to get their votes to get into the final."

Hitting out at the Tories following their election defeat, Jenkyns urged the party to "get its act together", and predicted more "turbulence" for the Conservatives over the next few weeks.

She added: "From the One Nation group to the Thatcherite group, we're fighting for the heart of conservatism.

"But then we've really got to get our act together and and be a strong opposition so we can come back fighting in the next general election. I don't think Kemi Badenoch is the answer to stop Reform, in all honesty."

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