Joe Biden slammed as one of the ‘laziest US presidents in modern memory’ after Coronation boycott

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Published: 04/04/2023

- 08:25

Updated: 04/04/2023

- 08:25

Joe Biden has been labelled as one of the “laziest US presidents” in modern memory, after reports that he will not attend King Charles’s Coronation.

Former aide to Margaret Thatcher, Nile Gardiner said that the US President’s decision not to visit the UK next month was a “knife in the back”.

Speaking to GB News’ Dan Wootton, he said: “Joe Biden has knifed Britain in the back on multiple occasions and as you mentioned earlier, he started off his presidency as Barack Obama did previously, by throwing a bust of Winston Churchill out of the Oval Office.

“So, that's the start of his presidency and he's since knifed Britain in the back over US-UK trade deal.

“He has constantly lectured the British government over the Northern Ireland issue. He is also a Euro federalist.

“He's a big supporter of the of the European Union. He's anti Brexit. And I would describe President Biden as a very rude individual.

“He's also one of the laziest US presidents, I think in modern memory as well.”

Dan Wootton added: “Thereis no way that Donald Trump would not have attended the coronation.

Whatever you think about his politics, he was such a firm believer in the special relationship[between the UK and US].”

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