Illegal immigration should be reduced 'significantly' by the summer, says Tory MP Bob Seely

Illegal immigration should be reduced 'significantly' by the summer, says Tory MP Bob Seely
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 18/01/2024

- 15:19

He also said the party can still win the next election as many Red Wall voters are still undecided

Illegal immigration should be reduced “significantly’ by the summer due to action taken by the Government, according to Tory MP Bob Seely.

He told GB News: “I understand people's cynicism. I feel that cynicism as well, because sometimes I think, is there nothing that we can do that's going to have an effect?

“But I think you've now got an accumulation of things that we're doing. We have already stopped or reduced illegal migration by 30% Just on the returns policies, if you're in Albania and you come here illegally, you go back to Albania. Likewise, Bulgaria, likewise Turkey. So we've got those returns deals, and we need more of them.

“We've got clamped down on illegal employment in the UK. We've got greater co-operation with the French and we've got the Rwanda Bill going through.

“The planes by themselves are not going to have the entirety of an effect…there is now an accumulation of work being done, and I hope by this summer we will see a significant reduction.”

In a discussion with Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce, he continued: “At a time when we are getting them down in the UK, but not enough, illegal migration is dramatically going up in almost every single other country in Europe.

“So you've got us coming down and you've got everywhere else going up.”

Asked about poor results for the Tories in recent opinion polls, he said: “If you look now, the largest factor in almost all the polls, especially when it comes to people who voted Conservative in 2019, is that they haven't yet made up their minds.

“If we lose those people, we are in big trouble. But if we can get those people back, we've got a fighting chance.

“And I would just say this: we have a plan. We're putting it into effect and Labour have no plan.”


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