‘Gender ideology is being pushed in official documents’ in Whitehall woke takeover

Steven Edginton appears on GB News

Steven Edginton revealed the civil servants are being accused of holding views similar to 'Nazism'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 26/09/2023

- 14:08

Updated: 26/09/2023

- 14:01

Steven Edginton revealed civil servants feel 'very, very scared'

Senior civil servants have warned the Cabinet Secretary that Whitehall is facing a 'woke takeover', after several members of staff submitted a letter to Simon Case CVO, airing their concerns about 'gender ideology' in the workplace.

42 civil servants from 16 departments submitted the letter to Mr Case, shedding light on the 'serious harassment' servants have faced for holding contrary views on gender.

In the letter, the staff members affected called for 'urgent action to ensure that the Civil Service impartiality is upheld, and freedom of belief is respected'.

One civil servant was told during a call in March that they were 'holding views that resemble Nazism'.

WATCH NOW: Steven Edginton reveals details of 'woke' Whitehall scandal

Speaking on Jacob Rees-Mogg's State of the Nation, Video Comment Editor at the Telegraph Steven Edginton shared details on the story, which he brought to light.

Rees-Mogg asked Edginton: "It is extraordinary, isn't it, that civil servants who believe that a man and a woman are separate and different things, and that their sex is determined at birth, are being discriminated against within the civil service?"

Edington replied: "It's extraordinary. It's absolutely wrong from a moral perspective, from a legal perspective, civil servants must be impartial. They must be politically neutral.

"And as that letter has shown, there are huge concerns within Whitehall from many civil servants, hundreds of civil servants, I would say many, many civil servants, who say there's a huge issue here where gender ideology and ideology on race is being pushed in official documents, in official emails, in official training and in official correspondence. And this is wrong on both a moral level and as I say, and a legal level."

Rees-Mogg then argued: "Is it wrong on a legal level? Because of course the Equalities Act does recognise people who have had sex changes as a protected characteristic?"

Edginton replied: "You're quite right that the Equality Act protects nine separate characteristics against discrimination. And this is an excuse that civil servants use when they say that they're pushing this diversity and equality agenda where I've picked up on some of those individual stories from various departments.

"However, when you get into the political nature of this stuff, civil servants must be politically neutral. And when the diversity and inclusion agenda becomes political, that's when it is no longer legally sound."

Edginton continued: "In the Ministry of Justice earlier this year in March, there was a call discussing diversity with various different members of what are called civil service diversity networks.

Steven Edginton and Jacob Rees-Mogg appear on GB News

Steven Edginton reveals details of the 'woke' takeover against civil servants

GB News

"Now these are groups within Whitehall who represent various different minority voices and during this call, gender critical civil servants. Those are civil servants who believe that there are two biological sexes.

"One of them on the call was said to be accused of holding views that resemble Nazism. Now this is completely unacceptable. According to a government source, no formal complaint was made about those comments.

"I think most civil servants feel very, very scared. If they go to their bosses and talk about these things, they're not going to know what the answer is going to be necessarily. And unfortunately, the atmosphere in Whitehall has been described as one of fear."

Whitehall has since issued clear guidelines aiming to 'support employees, and those managing employees, who are transgender, non-binary and/or intersex'.

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