Conservative MP hits back at Sunak’s response to Jenrick's resignation

Conservative MP hits back at Sunak’s response to Jenrick's resignation
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 07/12/2023

- 09:18

Robert Jenrick’s former Private Secretary has said she does not agree with the Prime Minister’s claim that the former minister has 'fundamentally misunderstood' the Rwanda legislation.

Speaking to GB News Dame Andrea Jenkyns hit back at the Prime Minister’s claims, saying:

“He’s not an election winner. We've been trailing in the polls for virtually a year and I think we need a fresh start.

“We need a strong conservative leader who actually connects to the public because unfortunately, Rishi doesn’t.”

“It’s bigger than this [Bill]. We’ve been behind in the polls for so long. We're losing by-election after by-election, we had better election results under Boris even after a candidate got convicted for paedophilia, than we have under Rishi.

“I put the blame actually, with the One Nation Conservatives with their experiment. They got rid of Boris, they got rid of Liz, they got the leader they want. Their experiment has failed. We need a leader now who will take charge and connect to the general public.

“Boris was willing to prorogue Parliament to save Brexit: Boris would have come out strong on this had the Remainers and One Nation MPs not had it in for him.

“I put my no confidence letter in against Rishi way before this. He is not cutting through to the public and I care about our party more than I do my promotional prospects.

“This is actually about trying to get a leader who connects with the public to save our country from a socialist cabal led by Starmer.

“I was Robert [Jenrick’s] PPS during the days of lockdown when he was the Housing Secretary. I saw how strong he could be against the civil service and he’s a very smart guy. He would not have misunderstood anything.

“I think this whole policy is just kicking the can down the road and I will defer to the Star Chamber, the group of lawyers who will be looking over this.”


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