‘Silly and STUPID!’ Carole Malone erupts over Labour ‘cheap shot’ in furious row

‘Silly and STUPID!’ Carole Malone erupts over Labour ‘cheap shot’ in furious row

Carole Malone erupted over a Labour 'cheap shot'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 13/06/2024

- 14:14

Angela Rayner has previously made reference to her class

Carole Malone and Jonathan Lis locked horns in a tense clash on GB News after the latter accused Andrew Pierce of taking a “cheap shot” at Labour’s Angela Rayner.

Andrew had mockingly referenced the Labour deputy leader’s history of harking back to her struggles while growing up, something Lis took issue with.

Malone snapped back at the political commentator, suggesting he was a prime example of the Left’s “hypocrisy”.

As Rayner’s appearance at the Labour manifesto launch appeared on screen, Andrew joked he had little interest in hearing Rayner speak about her past once more.

Carole Malone and Jonathan Lis

Jonathan Lis clashed with Carole Malone


“We’re going to carry on talking”, he said.

“How quickly do you think it will be for her to say, ‘I had my first baby when I was 16’.”

Lis was quick to hit back at Pierce, accusing him of taking a “cheap shot”.

“There are so many people in politics who have had a gilded, easy life to the top”, he said.

“Angela Rayner came from absolute poverty.”

Andrew kept digging despite the sincere point from Lis, saying “can I ask you this question: How long do you think it will take for Angela Rayner to mention it?”

Rishi SunakRishi Sunak is the current Prime Minister PA

According to Lis, Rayner would be well within her rights to speak about her troubled past once more.

At this point, Daily Express columnist Carole Malone interjected to respond to Pierce’s question: “I would say within the first five to seven minutes.”

She added: “Why does she have a right to keep banging on about her class? We all know where she came from. We’ve heard it enough times.

“She has got to stop using it as a way to curry support.”

Jonathan Lis

Jonathan Lis defended Rayner


Lis responded by referencing Rishi Sunak’s suggestion that him not having Sky TV while growing up as a child was a hardship he lived by.

He jokingly hit back: “Would you rather she talked about how she was denied Sky TV as a child?”

Amid smirks from Lis and Bev Turner, a furious Carole Malone snapped by branding his argument “stupid”.

She added that his “silly” remark shows he lacks a coherent argument on the matter.

Lis, deputy director of the British Influence think tank, questioned why Malone was so infuriated with his suggestion, adding it was a joke.

She responded: “It is silly. That is what the left does when it can’t answer a question. That wasn’t a joke.”

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