Jennifer Arcuri: 'I can recover Boris Johnson’s missing WhatsApp texts for Covid inquiry'

Jennifer Arcuri: 'I can recover Boris Johnson’s missing WhatsApp texts for Covid inquiry'

Jennifer Arcuri speaks to Patrick Christys

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 07/12/2023

- 23:04

The 38-year-old has alleged a ‘four-year affair’ with the former prime minister

Technology entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri has sensationally claimed she would be able to obtain the WhatsApp messages Boris Johnson was unable to provide the Covid inquiry.

Speaking on GB News, the 38-year-old, who has alleged a ‘four-year affair’ with the former prime minister, said the messages can be extracted via her team’s “technical abilities”.

Johnson has denied deleting WhatsApp messages after it emerged that he was not able to provide any communications to the inquiry from February to June 2020.

“A person can recover this information”, she told Patrick Christys.

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson was taking questions for the enquiryCovid-19 Enquiry

“My cyber security company would scrutinise the electrical components of this phone.

“The key here is that we’re missing the interactions with not just the device itself, but also every device it came into contact with to ascertain the timeline of events that led to this deletion of data or attempt to do so.

“It’s important to recover these deleted messages and this inquiry should be demanding access.”

GB News presenter Patrick Christys asked whether Johnson has been through “enough” and whether the inquiry and the extra scrutiny it brings is required.

She responded: “It’s only just started. The man was responsible for the single biggest crime against humanity.

“By his own admission, his ignorance and incompetence and being unable to understand technology, what does this say about his decisions across the board?”

Christys pressed Arcuri on the matter, asking whether Boris Johnson can be singularly to blame, adding she may be “anti-Boris” due to their history together.

“That’s old news”, she said.

“Whether we want to dismiss him and say he wasn’t given all the information, he was still responsible for the decisions made along with his team.

“All of the Cabinet were taking orders from someone.”

Speaking on the matter, a spokesman for the ex-PM said: “Boris Johnson has fully cooperated with the Inquiry’s disclosure process and has submitted hundreds of pages of material.

“He has not deleted any messages.

“The Times report refers to a technical issue in recovery of material that is for the technical team to address.”

The former Prime Minister has been quizzed on a multitude of decisions he made during the pandemic including his decision to shut schools.

He told the inquiry he “hated” having to put restrictions on schools in the pandemic and defended a decision not to reopen schools in summer 2020 as it would not have been “practically very easy to do”.

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