'Leftie lawyers will be on steroids!' Andrea Jenkyns on Rwanda bill as it's set to become law

'Leftie lawyers will be on steroids!' Andrea Jenkyns on Rwanda bill as it's set to become law

'Leftie lawyers will be on steroids!' Andrea Jenkyns on Rwanda bill

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 23/04/2024

- 12:10

Updated: 23/04/2024

- 12:36

Peers ended their protracted stand-off over the controversial policy

Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns says leftie lawyers will be “on steroids” as Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda deportation plan is poised to become law.

The Prime Minister received a boost after peers ended their protracted stand-off over the controversial policy.

The unelected chamber had been engaged in an extended tussle over the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill, sending it back to the Commons five times demanding changes.

MPs rejected a requirement that Rwanda could not be treated as safe until the Secretary of State, having consulted an independent monitoring body, made a statement to Parliament.

Rishi Sunak and Andrea Jenkyns

Andrea Jenkyns did not back the bill


Speaking on GB News, Jenkyns admitted she remains sceptical about the PM’s flagship policy aimed at providing a deterrent for migrants looking to cross the Channel on small boats.

“I didn’t support it last night because I can’t be a hypocrite, it gets watered down further”, she said.


“We have got to come out of the ECHR [European Court of Human Rights]. Sunak could ignore it in the short term but I think we need to come out of it.

“The leftie lawyers will be on steroids trying to stop this now, you can just see it.

“I’m pleased it’s gone through, the last few days and weeks, the Prime Minister’s rhetoric has been a lot stronger on this.

“I met the Prime Minister personally to speak about Rwanda and he does seem a lot more committed and determined this time around I have to say. I was pleasantly surprised.”

Rishi SunakRishi Sunak vowed to stop the boats PA
Andrew Pierce, Carole Malone and Andrea Jenkyns

Andrea Jenkyns joined Andrew Pierce and Carole Malone on GB News


Despite Sunak’s stronger words on the matter, Jenkyns still refused to back the bill.

She told Andrew Pierce she “can’t be a hypocrite” as she remains uneasy about how strong it will be.

“I’m very black and white. I voted against it in the first place”, she said.

“I hope and pray it works because we need to stop the boats coming over and send a statement out.”

While Jenkyns maintains stopping the boats remains a vital issue ahead of the next general election, she said on GB News it will not be the be all and end all.

“Cost of living, NHS and freedom of speech”, she said as the other issues the election will be voted on.

“The Prime Minister has six months to set out his stall.”

The Prime Minister says the policy will act as a deterrent to migrants attempting to make the perilous journey across the world’s busiest shipping lane.

Earlier on Monday, Sunak blamed Labour peers for holding up the Bill, as he acknowledged he will miss his self-imposed spring target for getting the Rwanda scheme off the ground.

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