Why is Europe ignoring what's going on in Poland right now? Michael Heaver explores an inconvenient truth

Donald Tusk's new government has been strongly criticised by Poland's President.

Donald Tusk's new government has been strongly criticised by Poland's President.

Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 19/01/2024

- 11:57

Updated: 19/01/2024

- 14:33

The political situation in Poland has become even more dramatic, GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver reveals

It is fascinating to see many across Europe ignore what is happening in Poland right now.

Perhaps it is unsurprising though. Many in the EU establishment are clearly chuffed that their man, Donald Tusk, is the new Polish Prime Minister.

Backed by a coalition of pro-EU parties, Tusk's new government is a stark contrast to nationalist, eurosceptic Law and Justice party they ousted from power.

But the actions the Tusk government have led to big protests already, as previously covered.

The new Tusk-led administration accused Law and Justice of stuffing state media with their allies.

Subsequently the bosses of TVP, Polish radio and news agency PAP were all fired. The 24-hour TVP Info was taken off air.

A Polish Court recently rejected the new government's unilateral changes, but it seems unlikely that they will be reversed.

One of the other huge factors that led to recent anti-government protests in Poland entered around the arrests of two former Polish Ministers.

They had been accused of abuse of power and convicted, but took refuge in the Presidential palace before being arrested by police.

Central to the power-struggle within Poland now is the Polish President Andzej Duda.

An ally of the previous government, he has vowed to pardon the two arrested former Ministers.

And he came face-to-face recently with Prime Minister Donald Tusk with a very clear message, warning that in his view Tusk's government are violating laws and must stop doing so.

Poland's President was quoted as saying: “I appealed to the Prime Minister to restore the situation…refrain from trying to violate the law."

And he called on the government to implement his decision to pardon the two former Ministers: “Comply with my request to start the pardon procedure in the case of Mariusz Kaminski and Maciej Wąsik."

Whilst after the meeting, Tusk responded: “If the President decides to pardon them, the prisoners should be released immediately."

With the Polish PM saying: "Everyone, without exception, whether a president, a minister, an MP, but also a retiree or a high school student, should be subject to exactly the same legal rigours.

“Courts, not politicians, should decide if someone is guilty or innocent."

Tusk's comments come after Law and Justice officials warn of dark days already under the new government with what they have described as political prisoners becoming a reality under Tusk's administration.

What's remarkable is how little attention the aggressive Tusk agenda is receiving across the European Union.

An MEP in Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's party, Balazs Hidveghi, did say of the Tusk government's media reforms: “What is going on in Poland is horrifying, the new liberal government of Donald Tusk is trampling underfoot the Polish constitutionality and the laws in force."

But such comments from politicians in Europe currently are few and fair between.

What is for sure is that it seems like the Tusk government can expect President Andzej Duda to continue to oppose much of the new administration's agenda.

The question is now whether there will be more protests and more dismay across Poland, or if the public back this Tusk-led agenda.

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