'I have long suspected Archbishop Welby is pro-complete open borders,' claims Patrick Christys

'I have long suspected Archbishop Welby is pro-complete open borders,' claims Patrick Christys

'I have long suspected Archbishop Welby is pro-complete open borders'

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Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 25/04/2024

- 11:27

The government's Rwanda Bill will finally become law after the Lords decided they would no longer oppose it

Rwanda is happening. It’s a go. And it’s time to pick Archbishop Justin Welby’s response apart line by line. He said: "We retain deep misgivings about the Safety of Rwanda Bill, passed in Parliament last night, for the precedent it sets at home and for other countries in how we respond to the most vulnerable."

I have long suspected Archbishop Welby is pro-complete open borders. So it comes as no surprise he wouldn’t want other nations to enforce theirs in this way either.

He continued: "This includes victims of modern slavery and children wrongly assessed as adults, whom we must protect."

Data shows that between 2016 and December 2022 there were 7,900 asylum cases where age was disputed - 49 per cent of them were found to be adults.

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys shared his view on the Rwanda Bill going through

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He goes on: “We note with sadness and concern the rise in hostility towards those who come to these islands seeking refuge and how the treatment of the refugee and asylum seeker has been used as a political football.”

Ok…what rise in hostility? Where is the evidence for that? Take the Bibby Stockholm barge as an example – there are numerous different groups there working together with teams of lawyers to do all they can to welcome these people and allow them to stay in Britain. What there are, however, are people who are concerned about national security and the safety of vulnerable people, not least women and girls, and people who are worried about their house prices plummeting because they now live within 100 yards of a migrant hotel.

Something Welby doesn’t have to worry about.

He continues: “We are disappointed that the kindness and support offered by churches and charities to the people at the heart of this debate – those fleeing war, persecution and violence trying to find a place of safety – has been unjustly maligned by some for political reasons.”

Right…Mr Welby knows that the issue is with economic migrants and there is no war in France.

The Archbishop hit out at people who dared to suggest that the Church of England had been "deliberately facilitating false asylum claims."

Now, this is a very grey area isn’t it, Mr Welby? Because as he knows, it is very difficult for people like me to know exactly what is going on inside a member of the clergy’s head when they are helping someone with their asylum claim. But we can have a look at some facts, can’t we?

Justin WelbyJustin Welby is the Archbishop of Canterbury Getty

The C of E was accused of running an asylum seeker baptism conveyor belt. They strenuously denied this and called it nonsense. But then, quietly, a couple of months later, they decided to launch an urgent review. Why would you feel the need to launch an urgent review if you thought there wasn’t the possibility of a problem there?

Mr Welby then sought to vindicate himself by saying: “When asked, neither the Home Secretary nor officials could provide evidence to support the allegations of widespread abuse.”

Note the use of the word widespread there - so, what, there might have been a bit of abuse? Judges have raised concerns about it, being generous and saying well-meaning vicars are being misled.

We’ve had cases like an Iranian migrant who didn't know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem when he was asked in a religion test. The 42-year-old didn't attend church and hadn't been baptised.

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys slammed Justin Welby

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Now the Bishop of Chelmsford is admitting that the C of E may have been duped by some asylum seekers we unearthed this document that explains how members of the clergy can support asylum seekers.

Letters of support, finding legal advice…there is a Rizzla paper here between well-meaning, naive, vicars who’ve been conned…or people who were wilfully lying and fudging asylum applications. So we can identify a pattern, but we can’t prove an underlying motive.

And Welby knows that whether he likes it or not, in my view it is clear that human traffickers, lawyers and illegal immigration fixers saw the Church of England and other churches as an open door into Britain.

But this is the crucial point for me. Welby said this: “Like so many in this country, we seek to support a system that shows compassion, justice, transparency and speed in its decisions. We grieve the appalling loss of life in the Channel today.”

The Archbishop has done everything possible to block the Rwanda Bill. To block the deterrent. Adding to the backlog. Yesterday people died AGAIN in the Channel.

Does the Archbishop not think that maybe, just maybe, if flights to Rwanda had taken off a couple of years ago, those people who died in the Channel would be alive today?

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