​Meghan Markle is the discredited face of an entitled, woke America, says Erbil Gunasti

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is increasingly disliked by ordinary Americans

Erbil Gunasti

By Erbil Gunasti

Published: 27/05/2023

- 00:27

Updated: 27/05/2023

- 05:06

Duchess of Sussex broke down stereotypes..but now even her own country wants her to shut up

For Americans, Meghan Markle was never a star.

When she became infamous in the UK as the "Hollywood actress" dating Prince Harry, most , Americans asked simply "who"?

But now she has finally found her role – as the discredited face of a degenerating America.

In the new, divided, United States about half the population choose to believe that they are entitled to everything, anything, without the need to spend a lifetime working hard for it. And then, inevitably, they complain about their lot in life.

In that sense, Meghan has become the poster child for behaviour which seems to have infected the country and is rapidly spreading throughout the entire world.

Until the turn of the century, American film stars and Hollywood A-listers were in huge demand, revered across the world as hard-working, icons to universally admire and respect.





“Politically correct” was still in the closet. There was no “cancel culture” which has emerged only in the past decade. Black Lives Matter was not the soup du jour either. Race as a social issue had, to some extent, been on the back-burner.

Of course incidents flared up here and there, not least in California. And it is now that most progressive of states – which has been raging out of control since 1992 - that sums up the whole Meghan problem.

Once the “Golden State” of the Union, it has been run by Globalist Democrats since 1992 - except when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Republican Governor for a few years – and they have ruined the economy and eroded both political trust and social cohesion.

As California retreated into its own weighty shadow the underprivileged and disadvantaged in the real world suffered as it became an iniquitous magnet for woke, self-obsessed ‘celebrities’.

This is America degenerating in front of our eyes – the ‘haves’ lording their moral superiority over a 'have not' populace that is struggling to put food on the table - and Meghan Markle symbolises it more than anyone.

As a Californian, she is striving to portray herself as a Hollywood star without paying the dues that her hard-working and immensely more talented forebears did to acquire similar status.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle with husband Prince Harry last week


Many people in the US now see Meghan purely as an opportunist, leveraging the royal profile of a weak husband to build her own celebrity brand as the politically ambitious 41-year-old prepares, sooner or later, to run for public office.

Many also still feel some sympathy for Harry, because they remember him, as a devastated 12-year-old, walking behind his mother Princess Diana’s coffin in the full, unrelenting glare of the world’s media.

But the whole concept of royalty still makes very little sense to most Americans. The idea even of a prince is odd and far-fetched. So the thought of a middle-aged divorcee called Rachel from Los Angeles being the Duchess of Sussex is, frankly, absurd.

And when Meghan signs with a big, shiny Hollywood talent agency, as she did last month, to "build out her business ventures across multiple facets of the agency and its broader ecosystem, including film and television production and brand partnerships" Americans not only find it utterly ridiculous but dislike her even more.

Every week, as she continues to cry foul and plead for much-needed privacy, she demands yet more publicity and signs multi-million dollar deals which are dependent on her having a huge public profile.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking and this country has finally woken up to it.

That’s not to say Meghan hasn’t achieved something remarkable in America, by profoundly challenging racial stereotypes which run extremely deep. For a mixed-race American woman to join the British Royal Family - a 1,000 year old dynasty which is the epitome of white privilege – and, at least initially, do so with such style and grace, is genuinely, still, staggering.

Meghan and Harry '

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have repeatedly demanded privacy while also courting it


This is especially true given she comes from a country where today there is one black Senator from the Republican Party in the US Senate. The Democratic Party doesn’t fare much better with only two.

In fact, in its entire 234-year history there have been just 11 black Senators. Considering there are nearly 50 million people who identify as black or African American in the US, those are truly woeful figures – and show what an impact the mixed-race duchess has had on this racially-divided society.

By some, of course, she is envied. She stole the heart of a handsome prince and is living an extraordinary life, despite her humble beginnings.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and her mother Doria were involved in a 'near catastrophic car chase' last week


But when there is such hatred and division in America today - a society struggling to work out its place in the modern world – one thing people really don’t appreciate is being lectured to by someone seemingly so obsessed by ambition, money and publicity.

An actress, turned Princess, turned Duchess, turned campaigner, turned victim.

In a high-inflation, post-pandemic world, with the overvalued stock and housing markets on the brink of once-in-a-generation crashes and six million unemployed, the United States – and its people – have more than enough problems.

What we don’t need is a self-entitled one in Montecito that makes the whole country look out-of-touch, arrogant and hypocritical.

America gave Meghan Markle a chance. And now, honestly, America has had a gutful.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is becoming more unpopular in the United States


So Meghan, please stop bleating, stop lecturing us, stop demanding privacy and then hiring expensive publicists.

In fact, please just…stop.

If you don’t, America, like Britain, will completely turn against you.

* Erbil Gunasti is an American-based TV producer and author of the book GameChanger. He also runs the popular Fighting For One America blog

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