Baby killers, murderers, and other scumbags must be forced to hear justice, says Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 22/08/2023

- 16:01

'Lucy Letby can go about her life showing no remorse, being shielded from the impact of her crimes. That is a disgrace.'

It is time to change the law and make baby killers, murderers, rapists and other scumbags face their judgment day in court.

Lucy Letby woke up this morning starting the first day of her full life tariff in HMP Low Newton.

Pictures of the inside of the prison show nicely decorated, pink, girly rooms.

They show a fashion boutique where inmates can buy clothes so they can feel nice and pretty.

There is a communal area with brightly coloured posters on the wall with words like ‘love’ and ‘hope’ written on them.

Lucy Letby killed seven newborn babies, and she gets to spend the rest of her life getting three square meals a day, being kept safe by prison officers, no doubt being sent some spending money by her family who, it appears, don’t think she’s guilty.

At no point will she ever have to hear the victim impact statements. She can go about her life showing no remorse, being shielded from the impact of her crimes. That is a disgrace.

This is why I have started a petition to make killers face real justice. It takes two seconds to sign up and tens of thousands of you already have. So click here.

We want to change the law so evil people are made to attend court on their judgement day.

The auntie of Zara Aleena, who was brutally beaten and murdered by Koji Selamaj who also refused to attend court to watch the CCTV of his crime, hear his sentencing or the victim impact statements. How was that allowed to happen?

Zara’s auntie, Farah Naz, wrote this today: “His barrister said in court that he did not want to see the CCTV coverage of what he did, he couldn’t face it.

“This made us want to make him watch what he did even more.

“How can a murderer not have to face their crime in a justice system?

“It made us angry that he yet again exerted his power and exercised his rights when he had committed the ultimate crime.

“The current practice allowing offenders to skip their sentencing proceedings was established with good intentions — put in place to ensure legal proceedings could go on in the absence of the offender, safeguarding the rights of victims.

“But it has inadvertently led to a situation where it is exploited, particularly among murderers, raising concerns about the integrity of justice.”

All too often in this country it feels like legal loopholes are exploited by people and that our legal system is there for the taking and it is the British taxpayer or victims who suffer. I hate that and it needs to stop. Sign my petition now.

There are practical ways to make sure someone faces up to their crimes. There is encouragement: Somebody facing a full life tariff could be denied every single privilege gift hey don’t attend: television, phone calls, access to the prison tuck shop, time out of their cells…everything.

Force: Prison officers need to know that they won’t get done for using excessive force if they are made to shackle someone and bring them to the dock.

Equipment: Soundproof, mirrored booths in courtrooms would mean that the criminal cannot cause a disturbance or addition distress to the families whilst statements are read to them.

The last resort: At the very least they could be handcuffed in their cells below the court and have the statements and sentence live streamed into them.All of those things can be done very easily.

Don’t just settle for the platitudes we’ve been served up today saying that plans like this will be in the kIng’s Speech or politicians all want to do it. They say they want to do all sorts of things and then they never happen. So make your voice heard.

Sign my petition. Our government needs to know how strongly the public feels about this - let’s keep the pressure up so they do the right thing for victims’ families, and to make sure that we put an end to soft touch British justice.

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