Make killers face real justice

The crimes of killer nurse Lucy Letby have sent shockwaves across Britain.

But the shock has given way to fury after she refused to attend court to face up to her actions and listen to the trial judge hand down her punishment.

Politicians from across the spectrum have joined the public in demanding a new law to stop cowardly killers like Letby hide from their victims, as well as their jail sentence.

But GB News presenter Patrick Christys believes the politicians need to act NOW.

He’s launched a campaign to make sure they change the law as soon as possible so that killers like Letby, and other convicted criminals, can no longer refuse to appear in court.

A law that would finally: ‘Make killers face REAL justice.’

I back Patrick Christys in calling on the Government to introduce legislation ensure killers are made to attend court to face their victims and hear their sentencing.