Labour play politics while the Tories are cutting NI and increasing pensions by 8.5% this year, says David Morris

Labour play politics while the Tories are cutting NI and increasing pensions by 8.5% this year, says David Morris

Labour 'always run out of people's money': Jacob Rees-Mogg condemns Starmer's 'bland deja vu'

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David Morris MP

By David Morris MP

Published: 17/05/2024

- 14:38

Updated: 17/05/2024

- 14:41

'The UK is the fastest growing major European economy since 2010, with the IMF predicting the same for the next six years'

It’s good news for Morecambe as unemployment has come down. Under Labour we had soaring unemployment here and no prosperity and no future.

In the UK we’ve seen 800 jobs a day since 2010 and a growing economy faster than France, Germany, Italy and Japan since 2010. IMF says UK GDP per head is now 21 per cent higher than the EU's. $51,000 per head for the UK, $42,000 for the EU.

Employee National Insurance covers only a fraction of the £260billion pensions and welfare benefits or £160bn NHS budget, all the talk of protecting pensions and triple lock is already there. Labour play politics while the Government are cutting NI and increasing pensions by 8.5 per cent this year.

The UK is the fastest growing major European economy since 2010, with the IMF predicting the same for the next six years. Best job-creation rate in Europe and near record low unemployment (sustained through a pandemic and a global energy shock). Virtual eradication of low pay, with minimum wage reaching two-thirds of median earnings.

Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer

David Morris claimed that under Labour we had soaring unemployment and no prosperity and no future


Pivoting to industries of the future – third largest tech sector in the world, largest creative industries and life sciences sector in Europe.

The Labour leader sir Kier Starmer told Sky News political editor “there’ll be no flights" as he wants to "scrap the scheme", which aims to send asylum seekers entering the UK illegally from a safe country, such as France, to Rwanda.

This is on top of stating closer rekindled ties with the EU. Second referendum? He won’t say.

Sir Keir confirmed he would scrap the scheme and have open borders to illegal immigration but his party spokesman stated they would not stop flights already planned. Which is again is his characteristically flip flopping.

Sir Keir told Sky News: "There'll be no flights. I want to scrap the scheme so that means the flights won't be going.”

"There will be no flights scheduled or taking off after the general election if Labour wins”

The question for Keir Starmer if he cares so much about that, why did he vote against the new laws that were passed to give our law enforcement officers new powers?


Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer set out Labour's six steps earlier this week


He claims having more law enforcement officers do more, that's already happening.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called Sir Keir's plan "rank hypocrisy" and said everything the Labour leader announced today "are all things that the Government are already doing".

"We've announced all of that more than a year ago, now used those to arrest almost 8,000 people connected with illegal migration, sentenced them to hundreds of years in prison.

"And if it was up to him, all those people would be out on our streets so I think it's rank hypocrisy of his position."

Sir Keir revealed Labour's ‘plan’ at a speech in Dover alongside his newest MP, Natalie Elphicke, the turncoat Dover MP.

Her defection has been met with outrage by some Labour MPs and elation by most Tories as she was seen to be on the very far right of the Tory Party, especially with her views on immigration. Now’s she’s joined the Party that wants seemingly uncontrolled immigration with no meaningful plan. Opportunist? You decide.

She also faced criticism for supporting her ex-husband, former Dover MP Charlie Elphicke, after he was convicted of sexually assaulting two women. She has now apologised for supporting him.

Sir Keir said accepting Mrs Elphicke into the party shows Labour has changed.

How then, does he explain this; Mrs Elphic said previously: “Labour leader's latest relaunch completely ignored the small boats crisis.

“Another reminder Labour have time and again opposed action to tackle the Channel crossings.

“Lefties aren't defending migrants they're defending a multi billion pound criminal empire, and a reminder that Labour back fewer and weaker border controls when it comes to illegal arrivals on our shores.”

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said: “I was at a Christmas do with her and she was telling me that she thinks the Royal Navy if necessary should open fire on the French Navy if they don’t accept our pushing boats back into French territorial waters and I was saying to her ‘well hang on these boats are pretty unstable if you nudge them people will get drowned’… I actually remember saying to her: ‘What, do you want, a war with France then?’ and she shrugged her shoulders.”

I can verify every word is true… as I also was there when she said it.

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