Joe Biden was caught off-guard last weekend. And that should worry everyone, says Roger Gewolb

Joe Biden was caught off-guard last weekend. And that should worry everyone, says Roger Gewolb

Donald Trump blames Iran attack on Israel on Joe Biden's weakness

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Roger Gewolb

By Roger Gewolb

Published: 15/04/2024

- 19:48

Roger Gewolb argues Iran's attack would not have happened if Donald Trump was in charge

I’ll just bet there are some fascinating conversations going on at the White House and the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee right now.

President Joe Biden, his handler former president Barack Obama, and all of their kingmakers, must have had quite a shock when Iran attacked Israel Saturday night and showed them just how much they have weakened America.

Releasing billions of dollars to the ayatollahs, letting literally millions of illegal immigrants including too many criminal gangs to count flood over America’s Southern border, stopping the Abraham accords and all of the other things that the Obama/Biden axis are alleged to have done to stop Trump from getting credit for the positive measures he put in action – so that they don’t heighten his election chances - gave America’s and the West’s enemies the signal that they can push us all around as much as they want to.

When Trump says that it wouldn’t have happened on his watch, and that if he is elected president again he will reverse it all, I believe him, and so do many, many millions of others.

We can see the influence of the new Axis partners on our televisions every evening and on our streets every weekend. And while so many think this is about Israel or the Jews, they are merely the canary in the mine.

This is about all of us, all of us infidels, who the Islamist extremists want rid of. We are, don’t kid yourself for a moment that we are not. And they have a magnificent propaganda and radicalisation machine. According to a recent survey, almost half of British Muslims support Hamas and believe that the 7th October is another myth like the Holocaust and almost as many want Sharia law in the United Kingdom by 2044.

Everybody I know who has Muslim friends, as I do, knows that they are not like this. But, if these numbers are accurate, then there are sure a lot of people we don’t know out there who don’t like this country or its values and its ways and that is a real threat to us on an existential level.

“It” has gotten to a threat level now and moved to the top of the national narrative, along with the strongly related topic of immigration. And, that is a good thing, because, if we keep ignoring it, stiff upper lipping it, and pretending it doesn’t exist, it will seep further into our culture and society and we will not recognise ourselves. As far as I am concerned, that has already started happening, to a hugely alarming degree.

As an observer, broadcaster, and pundit, I always try to remain neutral and see both sides. But here, I have to say that I can only hope that Trump and not Biden prevail in November, and that his influence moves over here and the weak politicians we currently have on offer are bolstered by this, and helped to move in the right direction to protect us all and preserve our wonderful British society and way of life.

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