JK Rowling and Seema Misra: Two GREAT women - they did not bend and they triumphed, says Kelvin MacKenzie

JK Rowling

JK Rowling is a beacon for the rest of us

Kelvin Mackenzie

By Kelvin Mackenzie

Published: 12/04/2024

- 16:42

Kelvin MacKenzie delivers his verdict on two great women who fought for what they believed in

This country is bloody lucky to have two great women at the forefront of public life. Neither are politicians and so much the better for it. The first is J.K. Rowling, a woman who has stood up and defeated the trans bullies.

Even when isolated by celebrities she continued speaking the truth. It must have been painful for her to be attacked by Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, when they owed their stardom exclusively to her magnificent creativity.

Apart from her tenacity, I so enjoyed she did not bend her view in the face of criticism. So unlike the political classes. And she came up with an absolute classic when she was asked if Radcliffe and Watson would be ‘’safe in the knowledge’’ that she would forgive them if they offered a public apology

But in a Thatcher-type response she said the following; ‘’Not safe. I’m afraid. Celebs who cosied up to a movement intent on eroding women’s hard-won rights and who used their platforms to cheer on the transitioning of minors can save their apologies for traumatised de-transitioners and vulnerable women on single-se spaces.’’ Hallelujah.

A Rishi or a Starmer would have agreed in a heartbeat, but not J.K., a woman who believes in something and sticks with it. How rare is that in public life? Let’s see how Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Lib-Dims, now reflects on his views which include the following statement; ‘’Women can quite clearly have a penis.’’

Why has this country had to rely on a brilliant author to stand up for women? Where are all the women Cabinet ministers crossing the road to say what the vast majority of the nation believes; That you can’t be a woman and have a penis.

We even have the next Prime Minister of the country who stutters when answering the question. How much better would we be if J.K.Rowling ran for Labour? At least she would believe in something.

The second great woman has nothing of Rowling’s fame, but has shown even more tenacity. Her name Seema Misra and she was caught up in the Horizon IT scandal. She was a sub-postmistress when £75,000 went missing from her branch.

Despite her protests of innocence and despite the fact that the Post Office knew their tech was dodgy, she was taken to court and while pregnant, was jailed for 15 months for theft. That was back in 2010. Eleven years later she was cleared by the Court of Appeal.

POst Office

Postmistress Seema Misra


Yesterday she had to listen to the carefully crafted apology from David Smith, managing director of the Post Office at the time of her conviction. He apologised to the inquiry for celebrating Seema’s sentence as ‘’brilliant news’’ in an email.

What I loved about Seema is that she did not accept his apology. And this is what she said; ‘’They’re apologising now, but they missed so many chances before.

‘’We had my conviction overturned, nobody came at that time to apologise. And now they just suddenly realise that when they have to appear in a public inquiry they just have to apologise.’’

Brilliantly put. Seema has had her life ruined by twerps like David Smith who I see told the inquiry that he sends out between 200-300 emails a day to staff. Do you believe that?

So our country is lucky to have two giants like Rowling and Misra. Both have been left to twist in the wind by the Establishment but both had enough core belief to fight on.

There is much to despair about in the UK in 2024. But these two women are a shining light to the rest of us that if you believe in something and are prepared to fight for it, there is a chance that you will triumph.

They did and are inspiration to us all.

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