Greta Thunberg’s dangerous anti-capitalist agenda has now been revealed – and it must not be ignored, says Dan Wootton

Greta Thunberg’s dangerous anti-capitalist agenda has now been revealed – and it must not be ignored, says Dan Wootton
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Dan Wootton

By Dan Wootton

Published: 03/11/2022

- 21:21

Updated: 03/11/2022

- 21:47

The odd little Swede carries far too much weight in politics

The media, the elite, the wokearati, the political establishment and many high-profile publicity hungry politicians from both the left and the right have been suckered by that odd little Swede Greta Thunberg for the last few years.

Just look at those who lined up to meet and praise the eco-extremist with the pushy socialist parents, despite the fact her policy prescription goes against everything the west has achieved this past century.

But just like the anti-capitalist, anti-family, anti-police BLM organisation, widely embraced by the MSM and big corporations across the globe without any question before their true dangerous aims and dodgy financial practices became clear, a 19-year-old Thunberg has started to reveal herself.

And unsurprisingly her agenda is a radical left-wing platform of taking down what she has declared to be “racist, colonial and oppressive” capitalism of the West.

Yup, just like those World Economic Forum goons, Greta wants to use the self-inflicted pain of the past couple of years for what she describes as “system-wide transformation”. In other words, a great reset.

Thunberg, who carries far too much weight in politics given she is not an expert on the environment but merely a far-left commentator, made her mad intervention at her book launch this week in London.

A book by the way that features contributions from figures including the disgraced World Health Organisation chief Dr Tedros who, if there was any justice, would be out of a job.

Let’s be honest about this, Greta Thunberg is calling for a complete overthrow of capitalism and the freedoms granted to the working classes in the western world the past century like technology, travel and a choice of what we eat thanks to wondrous advances in the ways we live.

And that’s why, as an environmentalist passionate about protecting our planet since the 1980s, I find the doomsday language associated with the deranged march to Net Zero disturbing.

It’s high time the political elites realises that extremist activist like Greta aren’t talking about protecting the planet through an increased use of renewables as technology advances.

They’re talking about a complete rollback of the ways we live which would return us to pre-Victorian times.

As the American author Michael Shellenberger pointed out, the “whole capitalist system” Thunberg referred to has led to larger food surpluses than at any point in history, average human life expectancy to rise from 30 to 70 and a drop in total deaths from natural disasters.

So Jeremy Vine might be one the BBC Greta mouth pieces talking about how “honoured” he is to interview the teenager while being paid for by us.

But why doesn’t he quiz her on her real motivation and the way she wants to destroy everything good about our modern way of life.

Greta’s dangerous anti-capitalist agenda has now been revealed – and it must not be ignored by those who have wrongly put her on a woke pedestal.

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