The Church of England is doomed - only real believers can save Christianity in Britain, blasts Calvin Robinson

Calvin Robinson appearing on GB News

Calvin Robinson appearing on GB News

GB News
Calvin Robinson

By Calvin Robinson

Published: 30/08/2023

- 19:17

Updated: 30/08/2023

- 19:29

A survey has claimed most Church of England priests no longer believe Britain is a Christian country

A vast majority of Church of England priests believe ‘Britain can no longer be described as a Christian country’, a new Times survey revealed today. Well, what are they doing about it?

Pontificating over whether we should call God ‘our Father’ in the Lord’s Prayer; promoting transgender persons to the position of archdeacon; pinning Pride flags on the altar; hosting drag queens in the sanctuary. Everything, but evangelising the nation.

As Christians, we are all called to disciple the nations. That is one of the primary vocations of deacons, priests and bishops. Instead, it seems the Church of England is obsessed with adapting to the social norms of the secular world around it. Why disciple the nation, when you can let the nation disciple you?

A majority of those surveyed said they believed the Church should change its teaching on gay marriage in the church, sex outside of marriage and women’s roles in the church. The Church does not have the authority to change its teaching on these issues, they are doctrinal. Either the Church of England professes to be Christian, or it does not. Either she adhered to the Creeds, or she leaves the one holy catholic and apostolic Church. There is no update feature in the faith, there is no capability for the Church to ‘get with the times.’

Calvin Robinson's application for a curacy within the Diocese of London was unsuccessful

Calvin Robinson's application for a curacy within the Diocese of London was unsuccessful


The Church follows Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, both of which teach that sex outside of marriage is a sin, marriage is between one man and one woman, and priestly ministry is a role for men.

The Scriptures also warns us against false teachers and wolves in sheep’s clothing who would lead their flocks astray. These priests had better repent, return to their Bible, for the good of their own souls, but also for the good of the nation.

Although in modern parlance they have become synonymous, the Church of England is not in line with her ‘Anglican’ brethren. In Kigali earlier this year, the global primates representing 85 per cent of the Anglican Communion met in great sadness to declare that unless the Church of England and her leadership repents, they would no longer see the Archbishop of Canterbury as the first among equals.

The Global Anglican Futures Conference (GAFCON) reminded the See of Canterbury of its duty to the English folks, to proclaim the Gospels, and to turn away from the false gospel of wokeness.

Justin WelbyJustin Welby is the Archbishop of CanterburyPA

Sex before marriage is fornication, sex outside of marriage is adultery, homosexual sex is sodomy. These are sins. It is not a kindness to affirm sinful lifestyles, however contemporary it may be.

Priests are called to be loving in truthfulness, and their duty is the cure of souls – that means leading souls to Christ, to be saved. By encouraging extra-marital sex and homosexual acts, these modern priests are knowingly leading souls toward Hell. Eternal damnation awaits any so-called teacher of the faith who preaches acceptance of what God has called abominable.

It is worth bearing in mind that there any many faithful clergy in the Church of England. Of the 5,000 priests contacted, only 1,200 replied to the survey. Perhaps the orthodox priests were busy ministering to their flocks, whilst the woke wolves replied to their emails.

It becomes clearer by the week, with every false pronouncement, that the Church of England is in a managed decline, and that the current hierarchy are not interested in saving it, or even saving souls, but in leaving behind a perfectly embalmed liberal corpse.

Calvin Robinson's application for a curacy within the Diocese of London was unsuccessful

Calvin Robinson's application for a curacy within the Diocese of London was unsuccessful

GB News

If there is a future for Christianity in England, it will come from a united front from the small-o orthodox faithful.

The old dividing lines of Evangelical and Catholic will fall away, as orthodox Christians across denominations unite around defence of the Christian faith as it comes under assault from the so-called liberal progressives, whose only god is social acceptance, and whose only doctrine is virtue signalling.

England always has been and always will be a Christian country. That does not mean we will always have a Church of England.

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