Britain needs a partner in the White House that loves us, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan says Britain needs a new partner in the White House

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 14/04/2023

- 22:00

The tongue-tied leader of the free world Joe Biden had only been in the British Isles for what felt like 10 minutes...

The tongue-tied leader of the free world Joe Biden had only been in the British Isles for what felt like 10 minutes.

But it was long enough for a man who needs to be reminded on a daily basis that he’s actually president, to make yet another almighty gaffe.

The US commander in chief – and a man barely in control of his own bladder - mistakenly said that the Irish rugby team of 2016 beat the hell out of the black and tans.

Mr Biden was referring to the New Zealand All Blacks.

The Black and Tans were constables recruited into the Royal Irish Constabulary as reinforcements during the Irish War of Independence.

And this is the guy who’s got access to the nuclear codes. Time to build a war shelter I reckon. Stock up on candles too, cash and tinned meat.

Two weekends ago, this show broke the internet – with a million views on all platforms - with this Big Opinion piece about Joe Biden.

"This treatment of King Charles is a shocker, and millions of proud Americans will be shocked at their President’s behaviour in not turning up.

"I know most Americans would want their great country to be represented, for this massive moment in history. The installation of a new British king, following on from the iconic reign Elizabeth the second."

It’s taken the press a while, but they’ve finally caught up, with all and sundry acknowledging Biden’s problem with Britain.

Even forcing a nervous denial from the White House, as reported in the Telegraph this week.

Of course Biden hates this country.

The proof is in the pudding – he won’t do interviews with the BBC, he has delayed talk of a US-UK free trade deal, he has sided with the EU over the Northern Ireland protocol, this week he discarded the UK flag whilst driving in Northern Ireland and of course shockingly, he decided to skip King Charles's coronation, with the only thing in his diary more pressing, it seems, being his afternoon nap.

Don't give me any of that guff about how no US president has ever attended the Coronation.

The last Coronation was in the 1950s, times have changed, we live in a 24-seven news environment and any president worth their salt, who valued this country, would attend.

I've never been a great Trump cheerleader, and he clearly has profound flaws, but if he were in the White House right now, the ink would likely be drying on a US-UK trade deal and the famously anglophile Donald would be at the coronation with bells on.

And whilst Trump backed Brexit all the way, both his predecessor Barack Obama and Joe Biden himself have always raged about it.

Biden, having previously said "We preferred a different outcome" has now taken another swipe at our exit from the EU, this week saying the UK's departure created complex challenges. Correction – an intransigent EU has created complex challenges, Mr President.

Why do the likes of Biden and Obama hate Brexit? Because it represents people power and it represents Britain's decision to strike out and become an independent sovereign nation.

We had the cheek, the temerity to choose our own destiny as a country, to go our own way, and to push back on the technocratic and corporate global elite, much of which is headquartered in Brussels.

It breaks my heart to say it, but under the leadership of Joe Biden, the special relationship is on the rocks.

Britain desperately needs a new partner in the White House. Someone that actually loves us.

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