'Britain needs an agile economy to continue punching above her weight globally. That's why I'm voting Tory' - Daniel Kawczynski

​Daniel Kawczynski and Bank of England with UK flag

Daniel Kawczynski says Britain needs "an agile economy"

​Daniel Kawczynski

By ​Daniel Kawczynski

Published: 08/06/2024

- 04:00

Daniel Kawczynski was most recently the Conservative MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham

The Labour Party has been brandishing a document where certain business leaders are giving them support, but it is interesting to note that not a single Chief Executive of the FTSE 100 British companies is supporting them publicly.

At a time when Britain - under this Conservative government - has become the world’s fourth largest exporter, they know that the massive additional cost and taxes imposed by Labour would start to chip away at that extraordinary position we have found ourselves in today.

At a time when Britain owes international banks and foreign countries over £2.6trillion, with debt interest payments this year of over £100billion, many business leaders recognise that Britain will only continue to punch above her weight globally if we continue the policies of lowering corporation tax, streamlining regulations and facilitating for them to have a cutting edge in this fiercely competitive world.

We are competing with countries significantly larger than ourselves who are expanding at a much faster rate than their European competitors.

I come from a background of exports. I understand the importance, as one of the Prime Minster's Trade Envoys, that the hard currency we secure from exports is a critical ingredient in making our economy sustainable, and securing a balanced budget is so essential when we plan for reducing our debt to GDP ratio.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in pictures

Under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, we have tackled the massive black hole of over £450billion in the Public finances as a result of Covid, Daniel Kawczynski says


We have seen how the paymasters of the Labour Party are solely focused on increasing pay and increasing rights for themselves and their workers.

These are honourable objectives but they do not take into account how Britain can maintain lower costs of production and a competitive edge with our competitors across the world.

Our proudest achievement in the post-Brexit context was to secure membership for Britain in the world's largest trading bloc in the Far East.

This region will see the biggest increase in middle-class consumers anywhere in the world over the coming decade.

As the sole European country in this trading bloc, Britain is at the cusp of creating a massive opportunity for high-value exports which now will be 99 per cent tariff-free to some of the largest economies in the world.

The massive additional borrowing, massive tax increases and extra regulations for business under Labour would be one of the largest acts of vandalism to our major British exporters as they seek to secure new markets whilst also exporting British soft power.

Under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, we have tackled the massive black hole of over £450billion in the Public finances as a result of Covid.

We are turning the corner economically, getting Britain ready for the next global trauma which will descend on us at a time as yet unknown. Do not let Sir Keir Starmer destroy those plans and take us back to square one.

At the election, I - along with all the other candidates - will be constantly challenged by constituents about funding guarantees for a whole plethora of priorities.

Whether it is the NHS, our state school system and indeed here in Shropshire, costs associated with Adult Social Care, there are huge pressures on the public purse, particularly at a time when we have been through a cost of living crisis.


In addition to all of these domestic demands, Britain faces additional demands peculiar to a handful of nations.

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, as a nation that sends £18billion a year in overseas aid to some of the poorest countries in the world, as a nation that has to maintain nuclear weapons which protect the whole of our continent, these responsibilities put massive pressure on the Exchequer.

That is why we need an agile economy which will have a chance of producing the wealth required.

Our positions and status which some perhaps take for granted, have not been given to us in perpetuity and every generation has to fight to protect that British status.

These will be jeopardised with an economy that undermines business and that is why I urge you to vote Conservative.

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