Joe Biden REJECTING King Charles coronation invite is an extraordinary diplomatic insult, says Mark Dolan

Joe Biden REJECTING King Charles coronation invite is an extraordinary diplomatic insult, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan slams Joe Biden for King Charles snub

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 01/04/2023

- 21:36

Updated: 02/04/2023

- 10:40

So much for the special relationship...

The leader of the free world, Joe Biden, a man less equipped to perform his duties than a eunuch on his wedding night, has interrupted one of his many daytime naps, in order to announce that he will not be attending the King's coronation.

The UK, America’s closest ally – an economic, military and diplomatic partner on the world stage - will not be honoured with the presence of a man so doddery, he makes the cast of last of the summer wine look positively sprightly.

The only advantage of Biden not coming, is that at least he won't turn up and forget King Charles's name and call him Princess Diana or something.

But this decision by the president and his people is an extraordinary insult to the United Kingdom. Every world leader, you can shake a stick at will be there, apart from the head of state of our greatest friend, with whom, we partnered, to defeat Adolf Hitler in the second world war.

President Biden

Biden will not be travelling to the UK for the coronation


Instead we are told, we will be fobbed off with an appearance by his other half, Dr Jill Biden.

To be fair, I do like this lady, and it’s impressive he’s married to a doctor, although these days he'd be better off, married to a crack team of nurses. You do have to ask yourself, would he have lost the flight?

I suspect we’d lose him somewhere over Belgium, as he’s halfway through the Hangover 2.

Ultimately, this is an extraordinary diplomatic insult.

King Charles

King Charles' coronation will be the biggest royal event of the year


It’s not surprising from a Democratic party that seems to have an institutional chip on its shoulder about the United Kingdom, with endless Democrats banging on about the British empire and our links to slavery – which yes were horrific - but neglecting to mention that it was the United Kingdom that ended slavery decades before the United States got round to it.

And it was of course America that shipped slaves straight to their mainland – which we never did - and had effective apartheid in the 1950s and 60s, before the brilliant civil rights movement kicked in.

But now they want to give Britain a kicking, by snubbing our impressive and dynamic new King on his big day.

Barack Obama

Obama was criticised for being vocal about British politics


Don’t forget it was President Obama, who disgracefully tried to intervene in British politics, when he urged Brits not to vote for Brexit in 2016, saying that if we had the temerity to restore our sovereignty and go it alone, we would be and I quote at the back of the queue for a trade deal.

What a way to speak to your closest ally.

Can you imagine if a British Prime Minister spoke out in relation to an issue within American politics? It wouldn't happen and they wouldn't have it. And rightly so.

Donald Trump

Trump was seen as a close ally and advocate of the special relationship


After all, they got mightily cheesed off when my old mate Piers Morgan got involved in the gun debate when he hosted a show on CNN.

The Americans don't want to be dictated to by a foreign power, and neither do we.

Take Biden's unhelpful interventions in regards to the Northern Ireland protocol, which were skewed towards the interests of the EU and against the best interests of the people of Northern Ireland and the whole of the United Kingdom. Stay in your lane big Joe.

President Biden

Biden's wife will attend the coronation


I'm no cheerleader for Donald Trump and have always questioned his suitability for high office, but he was andremains a consistent Anglophile, and a man who accelerated plans for an unprecedented UK USA, trade deal.

Which, by the way, when it comes, will be the final nail in the coffin to Remainers everywhere.

At that point, Britain becomes an unstoppable global economic force. But it won't happen under Joe Biden, who I consider to be no great friend of this country.

President Biden

Should President Biden attend the coronation?


He didn’t even answer the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s calls, when he organised America’s disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan.

This treatment of King Charles is a shocker, and millions of proud Americans will be shocked at their President’s behaviour in not turning up.

I know most Americans would want their great country to be represented, for this massive moment in history. The installation of a new British king, following on from the iconic reign Elizabeth the Second.

King Charles

The coronation will take place in May


Rather than sending his other half Jill Biden, perhaps he should send another US icon.

Mickey Mouse. We’ll get far more sense out of him.

So much for the special relationship folks. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

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