‘Many more cases like Abdul Ezedi lie ahead – we must turn back illegals or throw them out,’ blasts Kelvin MacKenzie

Abdul Ezedi
Abdul Ezedi was the subject of a national manhunt by police
Metropolitan Police
Kelvin Mackenzie

By Kelvin Mackenzie

Published: 28/03/2024

- 06:00

Home Secretary James Cleverly has been briefing journalists that churches risk undermining the integrity of the asylum system

I would like to introduce you to three actors in a tragedy which is destroying the fabric of our nation. They are; The Liar (Abdul Ezedi); The Dupe (The Rev. Roy Merrin) and The Fool (Judge William O’Hanlon).

Let’s start with the Liar. Ezedi came to our country on the back of a lorry and to give credit to the Home Office they have been trying to throw him out for years with legally aided lawyers resisting at every turn.

First of all, he said he was a Shiai Muslim. Untrue he was a Sunni Muslim. That’s the equivalent of a Hindu claiming they were a Christian.

Next, he claimed his brother had been killed in Afghanistan when the Taliban dropped a bomb on their home. Something you are unlikely to forget. Previously he had said his brother was shot outside a mosque.

\u200bAbdul EzediAbdul Ezedi being baptised in June 2018 PA/Tribunals Judiciary

Thirdly came his claim he had never worked in the UK, despite previously having stated he had a job as a car mechanic.

Finally, the whopper that he had converted to Christianity. In his interview with the Home Office case worker, he claimed he read the bible every day for three years. He was then asked what the Old Testament was about. Ezedi replied: ‘Jesus Christ’. Good guess. Completely wrong.

When challenged to name Jesus’s main followers, he included Jacob among the disciples. He was clearly busking it.


Next, The Dupe. Enter the Rev. Roy Merrin who had known Ezedi since he started attending Grange Road Baptist Church in Jarrow, Tyne and Weir, back in 2016.

As part of his evidence that he had converted to Christianity which would be enough to give him asylum, because if he were a Christian he would potentially face difficulties back in Afghanistan (why that is our problem is beyond me) there were photos of him handing out church leaflets in Newcastle city centre.

Further, there was a photo of him being baptised by Merrin and a congratulatory card on his baptism from other members of the church.

All was going well at the church until Ezedi was convicted of sexual assault. Even that didn’t put off the Rev. Merrin. The Baptists didn’t kick Ezedi out but drew up some ludicrous “safeguarding contract” where two male members of the congregation would be assigned to him, with one of them always being in his vicinity when he was at the church.

What a ridiculous idea that was. Shame they weren’t with him when he half killed an innocent lady in Clapham with alkali.

Anyway, the Rev. Merrin told the tribunal he was aware of people who fraudulently claimed conversion with “ulterior motives” but said he did not consider Ezedi such a person.

Rev. Merrin had attended tribunals on four previous occasions to support Christian convert asylum seekers.

EzediEzedi was reportedly given a Muslim burialBBC/Met Police

Finally, The Fool.

That is the tribunal judge William O’Hanlon. He swallowed what Ezedi claimed about Christianity. As we all know Ezedi is now dead (a shame he didn’t face justice) and the only reason we know about this idiot’s decision is that great papers like The Times and The Telegraph got together and won a court ruling that the public should know the legal ruling.

Judge O’Hanlon granted Ezedi’s asylum after concluding that his conversion was genuine. Strange that he was buried as a Muslim and his brother dismissed the suggestion that Ezedi had converted saying he was a “good Muslim”. I suspect the family knew a lot more about Ezedi than the judge.

This is what Judge O’Hanlon said: “Having considered all of the evidence, notwithstanding my concerns as to the honesty of Ezedi in relation to certain aspects of his account, that he has been consistent in his evidence with regard to his conversion to Christianity.”

Has he been smoking something? Ezedi only revealed he had converted after his first asylum appeal had been rejected. He claimed he had “forgotten” to tell officials about his alleged attendance at the Baptist church.

The guy’s a bloody liar and has been lying every day since his arrival here. Were he still alive he would be doing around 15 years for that dreadful attack on the lady in Clapham.

Correctly Home Secretary James Cleverly is briefing journalists that churches risk undermining the integrity of the asylum system.

I fear there will be many more cases like Ezedi over the years ahead. The lawyers know there is good money (our money) in acting for asylum seekers who will tell any lie to stay here. And let’s face it many lawyers will assist in the quality of the untruth.

So we are lumbered with the Liar, the Dupe and the Fool until we literally start turning back the illegals or throwing them out.

Unfortunately, I see this getting worse under Starmer since he sees these people (a majority are Muslims) as voters for their side of the political argument.

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