A day of reckoning for the Covid vaccine is coming and I can't wait, I'll be bringing popcorn, says Mark Dolan

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 10/10/2022

- 10:32

Updated: 10/10/2022

- 11:14

Sadly Covid is going nowhere and is now a permanent threat and will place pressure on the NHS forever more. Virus gonna virus.

We might be in the middle of an economic crisis, the world might be being held to ransom by Vladimir Putin and his illegal invasion of Ukraine and hard pressed Brits may well be going through cost of living hell, as mortgage rates rise and thanks to inflation pay packets dwindle.

So we've got a few problems. But that's not enough to silence Covid zealots, hellbent on more restrictions this winter.

That's right folks, the Covid industry, for that is what it is, ramps up the fear mongering for another season of mask mandates, social distancing rules and vaccine tyranny.

And who better to kick off this season of needless fear mongering than the state broadcaster itself the BBC – a service so good you risk jail if you don’t pay for it.

The Beeb’s obsession with Covid at the expense of everything else was pointed out by pointed out by former ONS statistician Jamie Jenkins this week.

"A rise in Covid cases and Hugh Pym at the BBC is all over it for the main news bulletin even when there’s little impact on serious illness - for the majority.

"Excess deaths for months for non Covid reasons in under 60s, and nothing on main news that I’ve seen. Selective BBC reporting just shocking."

Isn’t it wonderful that we are paying through the nose – 160 quid a year, for this mental torture.

And powerful groups, like independent Sage, who are the sectarian wing of normal sage will stop at nothing until we're all masked, working from home, socially distanced, sanitised and freshly jabbed.

At this point, hearing these siren voices calling for more restrictions is just a sick joke, given the damage these people have inflicted on our country – two and a half years of experimental lockdowns that show no discernible benefit to countries and regions that stayed open and carried on as normal.

We borrowed half a trillion quid to pay perfectly healthy people to stay at home, and we closed once viable businesses. All at the behest of those who thought you could control a seasonal respiratory virus.

Well, the data is in, the numbers are there for all to see, and the graphs are clear. Stop it we did not. Can you imagine if we had more economy destroying measures in the months to come?

We are surely just a couple of lockdowns away from being so broke as a country, we will be deciding which of our offspring to eat first.

Hearing from these destructive voices again, who should be hanging their heads in shame, is like the sound of your abuser, once again tapping on the bedroom door.

Forget about zero Covid, it's my view that there should be zero measures ever again.

We spent two and a half years protecting the NHS, who decided to focus exclusively on one disease, which is why we have a waiting list of up to 12 million people, many suffering far more serious illnesses like cancer, bipolar disorder and diabetes, all waiting for treatment.

Environmentally catastrophic masks remain woefully unconvincing in relation to real-world data and their impact – just compare countries that masked up and those that didn't, States in America that masked up and didn't and show me how those filthy rags in anyway moved the dial.

They did not. Those masks are already back in hospitals.

But mark my words, the mask mandates will return, economically damaging work from home directives will kick in and vaccine tyranny, will no doubt rear its ugly head.

Although it's hard to sell now, given that Denmark have effectively banned the vaccine for anyone under 50 – you've got to have a doctors note and evidence of a serious medical condition to get the job. And Norway have done the same, for the under 65s. If you are under 65 in Norway you will not be able to get boosted.

Why would that be? I wonder if the Norwegians and the Danes and are concerned about both the efficacy of the vaccine – in other words if it works, and the safety.

Perhaps they've been looking at a report published in the Lancet from the University of Oxford, suggesting the vaccinated are 44% more likely to get Covid.

Get jabbed to get the disease. That's some vaccine isn't it.

Perhaps they’ve been listening to Florida’s highly impressive Surgeon General – Dr Joseph A Ladapo. Not a crank journalist or a blogger spreading misinformation in his mum’s bedroom. The Surgeon General of Florida, the state’s top medic, who has recommended against males aged 18 to 39 receiving MRNA COVID-19 vaccines, due to an 84% increase in heart related death within 28 days of the jab.

Oh dear. The house of cards is tumbling. 84 per cent increase in heart related death within 28 days of the jab. That's what I call a pandemic of the vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Pfizer have partnered with Marvel comics, urging readers to get the jab.

This specially commissioned new comic is called everyday heroes, but which strikes me as a dystopian nightmare. This level of brainwashing would make Chairman Mao proud.

Don't get me wrong, I think the vaccine is fabulous for those at risk of hospitalisation and death. If you're in a vulnerable group it's my view you'd be mad not to have it.

If I was at risk of hospitalisation or death from the virus, I'd have more holes in my arm than Pete Doherty in his prime.

But I don't see any argument as to why we should be jabbing healthy people this winter, particular children and young people. Which is now the view of Denmark, Norway and news just in - the Australians as well, as revealed by US journalist Alex Berenson.

Australia, one of the most jab happy the countries in the world, who have been drinking the zero Covid Kool-Aid for two years have stopped offering the vaccine to under 50s.

Was any of this reported on the Beeb? Good luck with that. perhaps I'm putting two and two together and coming up with five, but it looks to me like these countries – Denmark, Norway and even Australia, are running for the hills. It's my instinct, that a day of reckoning in regard to the vaccines is coming, and I can't wait. I'll be bringing popcorn.

So it's my view that the Covid zealots were wrong on lockdowns, wrong on masks, wrong on social distancing and yes, wrong on vaccine tyranny. Which is why I don't want to hear from them again this winter.

Sadly Covid is going nowhere and is now a permanent threat and will place pressure on the NHS forever more. Virus gonna virus.

But pharmaceutical companies, the media and the political elite have created what is now a Covid industry – a cash hungry machine, fuelled by fear, for a potentially nasty disease absolutely, but one which poses a vanishing threat to almost everyone.

It's time to live with this virus, as we do with all others, and push back on any measures ,that threaten the economy, children's education, our mental and physical well-being, our freedoms and our way of life.

For those calling for more measures, which have already broken our country and broken our society, just say no. Now, where’s that popcorn.

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