XL Bully dog has ‘same power as mountain lion and is bred to attack’ - trainer

XL Bully

XL Bully: Demands for the American XL Bully to be banned

GB News
Emily Fox

By Emily Fox

Published: 12/09/2023

- 14:05

Updated: 12/09/2023

- 15:22

American Bully XLs are still not banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act

American Bully XL dogs are bred to fight and attack and shouldn’t be kept as pets, according to Stan Rawlinson.

The dog trainer explained how this particular breed of dog could kill a human in 15 seconds.

Speaking to Martin Daubney on GB News, Mr Rawlinson said: “75 per cent of all the people killed in the last three years in this country were killed by XL Bullys.

"They only are part of a very, very small gene pool.

"They're minuscule next to all the rest of the dogs we've got, yet they are killing 75% of all the people that have been killed. Absolutely hideous."

He added: "We wouldn't allow someone to walk around the streets with a Mountain Lion.

"This dog is the same weight, the same power and the same danger as a Mountain Lion. So what is it doing walking in the streets?"

Breeders have been getting around laws banning the dangerous American Pit Bull breed by crossing them with other dogs like Mastiffs and the English bulldog to create a new killer breed in the XL Bully.

Rawlinson added: “The unfortunate thing is, with these dogs, they suffer from what's called predatory chase aggression.

"The majority of dogs and dog aggression is normally related to about 93% of fear based problems which is created in the first 16 weeks of their life.

"Now the real concern with these dogs is a genetic disposition for predatory and reactive aggression. These dogs were bred to fight.

"They were bred to attack. They're the type of dogs that we use for bull and bear baiting and dog fighting. It's in their genetics.

"You cannot train genetics out of a dog. It reduces slightly. You can't remove it.

"There are very, very dangerous dog and other people will get killed.”

Some 50 per cent of deadly dog attacks in the UK in 2021 were from the Bully XL, rising in 2022.

While 351 documented attacks have been caused by these dogs.

When talking about the banning of these dogs, Stan Rawlinson said: “All imports of these XL Bully burn should be banned immediately.

"Anyone owning these dogs should be registered and they should have a suitability to own one of these dogs on a license that they have.

"I believe every person in this country should have a dog license and that the way of getting that dog license is to go and get an educational program, a bit like passing your driving test, but not so onerous and to actually go and do a practical and a written test.

"And everyone should have that to give them an idea how to have dogs learn and how to stop the aggression.”


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