XL Bully dogs still sold online as sellers cash in on ‘reduced prices’ for dangerous breed despite ban

XL Bully dogs still sold online as sellers cash in on ‘reduced prices’ for dangerous breed despite ban

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Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 01/01/2024

- 14:50

Rishi Sunak added XL Bully dogs to the list of banned breeds earlier this year

XL Bully dogs are still being sold online as sellers look to cash in on reduced prices despite the breed being banned, a new report has revealed.

Selling, rehoming and breeding XL Bully dogs became illegal of as midnight last night.

Prime Minister Rishi Suank launched a crackdown on the breed following a number of attacks this year.

Despite the ban, sellers have taken to websites and social media platforms to try to cash in.

XL BullyAn XL Bully (File Pic)WikiCommons

Many sellers have looked to offer “reduced” prices in order to get rid of their mutts.

Forever Puppy and Free Ads have been littered with listings.

Prices range between £300 and £700 on many websites.

However, prices dropped to as low as £40 last week as owners looked to get rid of their dogs.

Stock image of XL BullyXL Bullys will be added to a list of banned dogs under the Dangerous Dog Act from the end of this year, the Government has confirmedPA

One seven-month-old XL Bully was even listed for just £100.

There were about 20 listings, some of which included litters of puppies, still online, The Sun has revealed.

Responding to the listings, Forever Puppy told The Sun: “We have removed adverts with reference to XL Bullies.

"However, if you are aware of one that has been missed please share this with us immediately as we take this very seriously.”

American XL Bully

American XL Bully

Wiki Commons images/ Dlexus

A London-based seller reportedly listed 10 puppies on TikTok, adding: “If you are definitely serious message me please.”

Owners have been reminded that they can ask a vet to euthanise their pets to claim £200 in compensation.

The number of fatal incidents involving XL Bully dogs skyrocketed this year.

Ian Price, 52, was savaged by the breed in September during an incident in Staffordshire.

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