Christmas Market popular with tourists bursts into flames as panicked shoppers flee

Alexanderplatz market

Alexanderplatz market

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 06/12/2023

- 12:07

Two people were rushed to hospital for treatment

A Christmas Market popular with tourists has burst into flames after a number of stalls caught fire last night.

Plumes of thick smoke and flames were seen rising over the market in the European city.

The night’s sky turned red orange during the blaze near the Red Town Hall in Berlin.

Visitors quickly fled the scene after a blaze engulfed two of the wooden stalls selling festive goods.

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The Alexanderplatz market was evacuated as firefighters rushed to tackle the inferno.

Two small gas cartridges also exploded, the German newspaper Bild has claimed.

The incident resulted in two people receiving treatment in hospital.

An employee suffered minor burns and a visitor needed treatment for smoke inhalation.

Alexanderplatz market

Alexanderplatz market


A spokesman for the Berlin fire department said: "At the Christmas market at the Red Town Hall, two stalls caught fire.

“The fire is extinguished. The site is under control."

The blaze broke out at around 8.15pm but is due to reopen today.

The Christmas Market on Alexanderplatz offers a mix of market stalls, funfair and a party venue and is considered one of the busiest in Berlin.

Alexanderplatz market

Alexanderplatz market


Locals and tourists enjoy the bright lights and Christmas decorations at the market.

An internet user described the attraction as “one of the hubs to be at around Christmas”.

A second wrote: "As it gets dark very early at the end of December, around 4pm one can already enjoy the lights and splendid Christmas atmosphere, hot wine, Christmas shopping etc.

“It's very lively in the evenings and a pleasant place to be around Christmas."

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