'Woke' demands from LGBT+ group sees schools urged to stop saying 'boys and girls'

'Woke' demands from LGBT+ group sees schools urged to stop saying 'boys and girls'

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 22/01/2024

- 07:35

The Department for Education withdrew from Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme in 2022

More than 300 schools are signed up to a scheme telling them to stop calling pupils boys and girls.

Primary schools, secondary schools and nurseries teaching children as young as two receive awards from the LGBT+ charity Stonewall if they “remove any unnecessarily gendered language” from the classroom.

The charity requests schools to use "they" instead of he or she and "children" or "young people" instead of boys and girls.

There is also guidance promoting the instillation of gender-neutral toilets and making both boys and girls wear the same uniforms.

An LGBT+ flag

It follows controversial guidance on LGBT+ pupils in schools


Stonewall’s new annual report reveals that at least 300 schools in England are still signed up to its "champions scheme".

The charity has defended the scheme saying that young LGBT+ people should grow up in a environment where they feel "safe and supported".

However, it has been criticised by Conservative MPs, who called for a blacklist of organisations like Stonewall.

Conservative MP Nick Fletcher, who sits on the Commons education select committee, told the Mail On Sunday: "The Education Act is clear that partisan and ideological material should not be promoted in our schools.


Nick Fletcher,

Nick Fletcher MP


He added: "Surely Stonewall continually promoting the unscientific and highly contentious idea of ‘gender identity’ is exactly this.

"Is it time for the government to draw up a blacklist of organisations that ignore these Education Act provisions and who therefore should not be used by our schools?"

A guide from 2022 for schools wanting to secure an award gives an example of how a PE teacher could become more inclusive.

This could be, it suggests, by saying "boys, girls and non-binary students, pick your team now" or use gender neutral language such as "students, pick your team now".

A spokesman for Stonewall said: “LGBTQ+ children still face high levels of bullying and significant barriers in education so it is only right for schools to create an environment where they can grow up supported and safe to learn.”

A spokesperson from the Department for Education said: "We withdrew from Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme in 2022 and have not funded any programmes related to diversity and inclusion schemes since to ensure value for money to the taxpayer."

In December, new guidance said teachers and fellow kids should not face sanctions if they use a child’s wrong pronouns, unless they are doing so in a bullying manner.

The guidance said that toilets and changing rooms are expected to remain as single-sex spaces.

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