Villagers deploy cones to deter tourists from 'chaotic' parking on main road as row erupts

Villagers deploy cones to deter tourists from 'chaotic' parking on main road as row erupts

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 09/04/2024

- 09:44

Beach rangers have called for double yellow lines to be painted round the surfing hotspot

Beach rangers near a surfing hotspot have slammed motorists and tourists for "chaotic, dangerous, and inconvenient parking."

The Polzeath Beach Ranger Service in Cornwall have criticised both parkers and the local authority for failing to deal with excess parking near the popular shoreline.

The ranger service said cones have been used instead of double yellow lines because the weather has been too wet for the lines to be painted effectively.

Polzeath Beach, which attracts thousands of tourists annually, with commenters saying it has become "full of yuppies."

The cones were placed on the road in the Cornwall town

The cones were placed on the road in the Cornwall town

Polzeath Beach Ranger Service

Taking to social media, the ranger service said: "Hopefully, the chaotic, dangerous, and inconvenient parking may ease now.

"These cones are in place until the double yellow lines are painted. The Highways team intended the lines to be done before Easter but needed the road to dry out for more than 24hrs, and then have a dry spell to paint them. Cornwall? Dry March?? Didn't happen!!"

The move by the rangers has been met with a mixed reception. Andy Cooper said: "I am not allowed to park on new Polzeath Cliff because the council think I might have slept there. I pay to park in the car park only to go around to the cliff to find many vans like mine which have been slept in parked up.

"Seem like there is one rule for some but us locals get screwed over by the council parking. Polzeath is a play ground for the rich and famous it is undeniable. I have been going there for over 30 years (Winter and Summer) I'll never stop but some concession should be made for locals."


The cones

The cones have caused controversy

Polzeath Beach Ranger Service

Carrie Kirby said: "Gosh guys, I’m really not feeling very welcome to visit Polzeath anymore, having worked really hard all year and saved for my one spend my cash locally. We are not all idiots or inconsiderate."

The ranger service responded saying: "Most of the people parking on the hill were local people or regular visitors to Polzeath trying to save money.

"The majority here welcome visitors and tourists. We wouldn't work in tourism if we didn't like it! You're always welcome at our beach."

However, others added that they were more welcoming to the parking restrictions, with one saying: "common sense prevails" and another adding: "Good and about time, let’s hope it’s enforced."

\u200bPolzeath Beach

Polzeath Beach is a tourist hotspot


Gary Hance added: "The problem with having to pay for parking is local authorities always price the parking charges far too high.

"All this does is reduce the Foot-Flow/Revenue to the local shops.

"Usually these beech based car parks charge upwards of £7 per day, if I'm wanting to pop in for an hour obviously a £7 charge would stop me visiting the area . I'd simply go where I can pay for the amount of time required."

GB News has contacted Cornwall County Council for a comment.

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