US Muslim Shaykh who attempts to convert African-Americans outrageously claims IDF ‘killed their own people’

US Muslim Shaykh who attempts to convert African-Americans outrageously claims IDF ‘killed their own people’

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 31/05/2024

- 21:26

Abdulkarim Yahya told GBN America he 'doesn't believe' the 'official narratives' of the October 7 attacks

An American Shaykh has claimed that the Israeli Defence Force "killed their own people" as the ongoing conflict in the Middle East continues.

Abdulkarim Yahya told GBNA that he "doesn't believe the official narratives" of mainstream media about the attacks, following the events of October 7.

In conversation with GBN America reporter Steven Edginton, who is investigating the rise of "Muslim-led cities" in the United States, Yahya was asked for his thoughts on who is responsible for the October 7 attacks and other killings as a result.

Yahya told GBNA his initial reaction to the attacks: "My reaction was, I heard about it in the media, and I don't typically believe the official narratives that I hear in media.

\u200bAbdulkarim Yahya

Abdulkarim Yahya claims the IDF 'killed their own people'


Steven argued that there has been "plenty of evidence" put out in mainstream media to outline the truths of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Steven explained: "Certainly those Jews who died, I think there's been plenty of evidence that's been put out there. Many, many countries around the world recognise this.

"Even if they criticise Israel for their reaction. They recognised that around 1200 Jewish civilians were brutally murdered, raped, killed on October 7.

"So those people didn't deserve to die. They weren't part of a war. They were just civilians living in a kibbutz, which is meant to be a peace-loving area."

Yahya then claimed: "That's what's alleged."

Steven then asked Yahya if he believed the IDF "killed their own people", which he agreed "absolutely".

He added: "Some of their people would - minimum friendly fire at minimum. But there are those that are of the view that many of them were killed by their own side."

Steven argued: "But Hamas was celebrating it? They were putting up videos of them killing these Jewish civilians?"

\u200bAbdulkarim Yahya

Abdulkarim Yahya spoke to GBN America reporter Steven Edginton


Yahya admitted: "I haven't seen that, and I don't follow it to that level of detail."

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