Arizona congressman demands National Guard be deployed to border as 10,000 illegal migrants cross in single day

Juan Ciscomani

Juan Ciscomani made an urgent appeal for help

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 04/12/2023

- 13:33

A plea was made to the Director of Homeland Alejandro Mayorkas

A Republican congressman has urged for the deployment of Arizona’s National Guard to the southern border after a huge increase in illegal migrant crossings.

Juan Ciscomani, who serves as the US representative for Arizona's 6th congressional district, made the request after nearly 10,000 people crossed the border in a single day last week.

He said that the Tucson Sector of the border had been overwhelmed by the number of crossings with urgent support needed for border patrol officials.

"The situation is far past a breaking point and those on the frontlines of this crisis are in need of immediate support," Ciscomani wrote in his letter demanding help.

WATCH: Huge numbers of migrants have crossed the US border

"Tucson Sector is leading in encounters and our agents and officers are overrun and undermanned."

He sent his plea to Director of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

"No one knows the gravity of this situation better than our local officials," he continued.

"As you consider this request, I urge you to work with Governor Katie Hobbs, as well as Arizona county supervisors, mayors and sheriffs.


Joe Biden's administration has overseen record levels of illegal migration


"I look forward to your timely response."

Ciscomani is awaiting a response to his letter which was sent at the end of last week.

Joe Biden's administration previously deployed troops to the border earlier this year in anticipation of a surge in migrant crossings.

Illegal border crossings have surged in the US in recent years.

The 2022 fiscal year set a record high of 2.2 million illegal border crossings.

In a statement issued after his letter, Ciscomani added: "Our CBP agents and officers continue to be undermanned and overrun at every turn of the border crisis.

"The Biden administration must take action to fix this crisis of their own creation and the best way to start is by providing CBP with the support they deserve.

"By immediately deploying the National Guard in Arizona, we provide the men and women charged with securing our border the much-needed reinforcement to do their jobs."

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