US election: Republicans dealt with ‘warning’ as vote could be swayed by ‘big wildcard’

US election: Republicans dealt with ‘warning’ as vote could be swayed by ‘big wildcard’

James Johnson joins Jacob Rees-Mogg on GBN America

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 08/04/2024

- 16:26

Trump easily saw off a crowded field in the race for the Republican presidential nomination

Donald Trump is enjoying healthy polling in the US but a ‘big wildcard’ could prove to be a sting in the tail for the Republican candidate at November’s presidential election, a top pollster has suggested.

Being found guilty of one of the many charges he is faced with would not be an issue among Trump’s core voters, Johnson said on GBN America.

But the pollster believes his stance on women’s rights and abortion could yet prove pivotal, claiming Joe Biden’s campaign team is ramping up efforts to focus on the aforementioned issues.

“I think abortion and women’s rights issues are the big wildcard at this election”, he said.

Donald Trump and James Johnson

Donald Trump and James Johnson


“People were saying a while back that perhaps the Trump court cases are what changes this election of Trump is convicted.

“But a recent poll that we ran found 93 per cent of Trump voters will vote for Trump if he is found guilty, only two per cent said very unlikely, so I don’t think that’s going to be a game changer.


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Jacob Rees-Mogg and James Johnson

James Johnson joined Jacob Rees-Mogg on GBN America


“What we do see though is the amount of money the Biden campaign is amassing to do a big spend on abortion, on TV, on print and social media, nearer the election.

“They will be really aiming those issues at suburban women, white women and people who are concerned about the border and inflation, but can be won round on abortion.

“We’ve seen abortion get onto the ballot in November in Florida and Arizona, we might see it on the ballot in Nevada as well. Democrats will be hoping that helps their turnout.

“If I was advising the Republicans right now, I would be saying that’s your biggest danger. The Democrats have proven to be very good at mobilising that and wait until they dump all of those adverts.”

One issue Trump can expect to reap rewards on is immigration, with polls continuing to suggest that American voters trust the former president more on the matter than Biden.

But according to Johnson, some areas will see candidates being put forward by the Democrats who have adopted more of a hardline approach on the border.

He cited a case in New York where Democrat Tom Suozzi won a special election by taking a hardline approach to border issues.

“He was able to assuage quite a few of those concerns his voters had”, he said.

“It’s possible for the Democrats to win on this or take the temperature out of it.

“But they will need to adopt significantly firmer policies than we currently see the Biden administration having.”

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