Trump 'very pleased' Piers Morgan no longer on Talk TV, claims Farage

Trump 'very pleased' Piers Morgan no longer on Talk TV, claims Farage
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 20/03/2024

- 13:03

Nigel Farage sat down with Donald Trump for a world exclusive interview

Nigel Farage has said the next UK Ambassador to the USA should not be someone ‘who's been in the Foreign Office for 30 years’ but instead a person who gets on with Donald Trump.

Speaking after his interview with the former President, Farage said his ‘worry’ about transatlantic relations was ‘less Sir Keir Starmer but more David Lammy’.

Speaking on GB News, Nigel Farage also revealed Donald Trump was "very pleased" Piers Morgan was no longer on Talk TV.

Farage said: “Donald Trump was incredibly relaxed, very chatty, quite concerned about Kate, the Princess of Wales and how the press had been giving her a hard time.

“He’s delighted that Piers Morgan had gone from Talk TV, he was very, very pleased about that.

“And afterwards, even though he was busy, he hung around and did photographs with all the crew.

“He was just really, really relaxed and down to earth. And when you say what they're putting him through, what the American judicial system is putting him through, he just has a resilience that is almost unbelievable.

“The single most important part of the whole interview is when I asked him if Poland is invaded and NATO members have paid their bills, is America there to support and he said yes, 100%.

“So politically, that was the most important part of the interview. As for me, well depending which Sunday newspaper you buy, I could be staying at GB News, I could be coming back to take over Reform, I might make a bid for the Conservative Party or I could be the British ambassador for a Labour government in Washington or an envoy for Trump in London.

“I am just a humble news presenter at GB News and very happy with life.

“I do think the world was a much safer place when Trump was in the White House. We had negotiations with North Korea, we had the Abraham Accords between Arab States and Israel and I'm absolutely of the view that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine, had Trump been there.

”If he takes over the reins again at the inauguration next January, it's not going to be easy. The world's in a very, very tough place. But the one thing that we learn through history is that peace comes through strength, not through weakness. And ultimately, all of the negative comments he's made about NATO members, actually, he's strengthening NATO.”

Speaking about the meeting with Obama and Rishi Sunak, he said:

“We did speculate, Trump and I, about what might have been on the agenda. Look, he is a former president of our most important ally in the world. So actually, the truth is, he should be accorded some time.”

Discussing Trump’s relationships with British Prime Ministers he said:

“[Trump] always liked Boris Johnson and he wanted to like Boris Johnson, but he he's sort of incredulous that Boris was elected as a Conservative, but governed as a London Metropolitan liberal. And he sees that as the reason for the downfall of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom.

“I did ask him about Keir Starmer in the interview, and it was clear there has been no connection of any kind at all between Sir Keir’s team and Donald Trump's team.

“My worry is less Keir Starmer, but more David Lammy, who of course is the shadow Foreign Secretary, and he might well get that job in a Starmer government as the Foreign Secretary himself. He's described Trump as ‘a woman hating neo Nazi’, not I would suggest, a great place to start that relationship.

“Which is why we need the right ambassador. It's why we need somebody in Washington DC if Trump takes over - or when he takes over, I think

“We don't need somebody with a first in PPE from Oxford, who's been in the Foreign Office for 30 years. That's the last thing we need. We need someone who can actually talk to Trump and act as a negotiator.

“They're our most important ally in terms of defence, and in terms of trade, and we've got to pick the right guy. That's not a job application, but we must pick the right guy or woman.”


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