'It's a disaster!' Rudy Giuliani's horror at watching Democrats' migrant policies turn his beloved New York into 'third world city'

Rudy Giuliani with insets of New York protesters and border crossings

Rudy Giuliani with insets of New York protesters and border crossings

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 22/09/2023

- 18:13

Updated: 22/09/2023

- 22:39

Former Big Apple Mayor Rudy Giuliani warned China and Islamic extremists were benefitting from the crisis on the US-Mexico border

Ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has voiced his horror at Democrat migrant policies turning the Big Apple into a "third world city".

Giuliani, 79, sat down with GB News to discuss how the migrant crisis was impacting New York City and the United States as a whole.

The prosecutor-turned-politician, who addressed a separate migrant crisis during his time at Gracie Mansion, blamed both President Joe Biden and New York Mayor Eric Adams for the debacle.

“The mayor over-promises and under-delivers by saying ‘I’m going to make New York City the great immigrant city of the world’," he said.

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"Now people are comparing it to a third world city. It isn’t but compared to what it used to be, it's a disaster.”

When asked about how the situation compared to his work in the 1990s, Giuliani added: “The numbers are not unprecedented. The nature and type of illegal immigrant is and the mayor doesn’t seem to understand that at all because he hasn’t been down to the border. He’s refused requests by the Governor of Texas to go and look at it.”

However, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre previously claimed Biden has "done more" to secure the southern border and deal with the immigration "than anybody else."

She added: "The President has done what he can from here, from the federal government, from the White House to put forth and manage our border in a safe and humane way to respect the dignity of every human, as he says all the time, and making sure that our communities are safe."

The number of undocumented immigrant crossings at the southwest border for fiscal year 2022 topped 2.76 million.

Biden has come under fire from both Republican and Democrat officials following certain decisions on the US-Mexico border, with Grand Old Party Governor Greg Abbott calling in Texas' National Guard in recent days.

The 46th President was dealt yet another blow when Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson defected from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.


An image of the Texas National Guard on the US-Mexico borderAn image of the Texas National Guard on the US-Mexico borderREUTERS

Addressing Biden's hand in the migrant crisis, Giuliani argued: "He is letting down the people of America. New York is his strongest bastion of support, maybe Los Angeles. He came here the other day, and I watched him drive through the streets. He drove right by my radio station. Not a single person applauded him.

"This would be like Trump driving through Texas, Trump driving through Mississippi, Trump driving through Alabama or Trump driving through Nebraska. These are places where Trump gets 80 per cent of the vote. Any Democrat, just put up the word Democrat, and people will yell, and scream and kiss you.

"These people are angry at him, and they know it’s him, he can’t escape it. Largely because they’ve lied so much. [Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro] Mayorkas has done him a terrible disservice by saying things like ‘the border is secure’ and then right behind him you see people coming over the border.”

However, Giuliani was much more concerned about the type of illegal immigrants arriving in the United States than the scale of the problem.

"This is not the same immigrant of the 1980s or 1990s," he said.

"First of all, they are not all Mexican. In fact, the most recent group were Venezuelan. Second, we have little to nothing to do with vetting. Biden has gotten out of that business. In fact, we escort them in which is a total desecration of border control. But they are vetted. They are vetted by the Mexican cartels."

He also suggested undocumented migrants crossing the US-Mexican border were aiding Islamic extremist groups.

“Mexican organised criminals," Giuliani explained, "specialise in human trafficking, bringing fentanyl into the United States and also assisting, they have for 25 years, Isis.

Demonstrators attend a protest against the opening of a shelter center for recently arrived migrants to New York in the Staten Island borough of New York City

Demonstrators attend a protest against the opening of a shelter center for recently arrived migrants to New York in the Staten Island borough of New York City


"Isis wants to get a couple of terrorists in. They give the Sinaloa cartel big money. The Sinaloa cartel creates a diversion. All the border control go that way and they get 30 Isis in that way.

"Last year we’re finding many more Isis, Islamic extremist terrorists in the United States than any time before September 11. This September 11, I would say, was the first one where it was more dangerous than before September 11. That’s to do with Biden’s open border."

Fears about jihadists entering the US via the Mexican border were ramped up after the FBI launched an investigation into a people smuggler with ties to Isis.

The Center for Immigration Studies think tank claimed Border Patrol apprehended 98 watch-listed terrorists at the southern border in the last fiscal year.

During a House Homeland Security Committee hearing in March, Mayorkas also confirmed: "A known or suspected terrorist — KST is the acronym that we use — individuals who match that profile, have tried to cross the border, the land border, have tried to travel by air into the United States, not only this year but last year, the year prior and so on and so forth."

However, the Cato Institute stressed: "Zero people have been killed or injured in attacks on US soil committed by terrorists who illegally crossed the Southwest border. From 1975 through the end of 2020, only nine people convicted of planning a terrorist attack entered the United States illegally – some of them on ships, airplanes, and walking across the border."

Despite ambiguity about the threat of extremism, Giuliani also argued Beijing was benefitting from American woes, claiming: "You could consider China as at war with the United States.

Migrants travel on a train with the intention of reaching the United States, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Migrants travel on a train with the intention of reaching the United States, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


"Last year they killed 70,000 of us with drugs, with fentanyl, but they never had to shoot anybody and they didn’t get shot back at but 70,000 Americans are dead and China made billions. It’s a great deal for China and it’s a great deal for the Islamic extremist terrorists. They are the two big financiers of the Mexican cartels.”

The United States–China Economic and Security Review Commission revealed mass quantities of fentanyl are being produced in China.

The Justice Department also arrested two individuals and unsealed three indictments in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York charging China-based companies and their employees with crimes related to fentanyl production, distribution, and sales resulting from precursor chemicals.

Treasury officials later sanctioned fentanyl companies based in both China and Mexico.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador even claimed to have proof of Chinese fentanyl smuggling earlier this year.

But Beijing consistently denies any wrongdoing, adding: "We urge the US to stop shifting the blame, stop smearing and attacking China, immediately lift all sanctions on Chinese counter-narcotics law enforcement institutions, stop using fentanyl-related issues as a pretext to sanction, indict or offer awards to hunt Chinese companies or nationals."

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